The similarities and differences between DB2 and PostgreSQL development

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This article mainly introduces the DB2 database development and PostgreSQL development in the actual operation of some of the similarities, and the difference, recently used DB2, wrote a point of difference. Not necessarily exactly right. But you can look at the difference.

1, Data Definition language (DDL) and peripheral tools: the difference between DB2 and PostgreSQL is almost 0, the specific difference is:

A, DB2 varchar in the absence of special table space, the upper limit for the 32k,postgresql varchar without this restriction;

B, DB2 binary large object type blob, replaced by Bytea type in PostgreSQL;

C, DB2 text large object type CLOB, long varchar, in PostgreSQL with the text type instead;

D, in DB2 generated by default or generated always type key word in PostgreSQL instead of serial or bigserial; (the difference is the largest)

E, there is no sequence (sequence object) in the DB2, the PostgreSQL is there, thus more flexible;

The value reset of the DB2 primary key in F, in the PostgreSQL requires ALTER TABLE, and the Setval () series function can be used to set the sequence, simpler;

G, DB2 does not support spatial data types (dots, lines, faces), PostgreSQL support;

The transaction isolation level definition in H, DB2 is not compatible with the SQL Standard, PostgreSQL fully compatible with SQL standard;

I, DB2 JDBC Type4 driver does not support GBK database coding, PostgreSQL does not have this problem;

J,DB2 's database code conversion is very funny and complex, PostgreSQL is very simple, only need set client_encoding to xxx;

K, currently DB2 8.1 does not support Unicode background encoding, PostgreSQL support, so it can support multiple internal code;

The trigger of L,DB2 8.1 cannot read the data table being triggered, PostgreSQL does not have this restriction;

M,DB2 8.1 Triggers cannot execute the stored procedure, PostgreSQL does not have this restriction;

The n,postgresql has bit (bit), bitstring (bit string) type, DB2 not;

O,DB2 client Db2/db2cmd Execute SQL script needs to specify delimiters, such as @;p Ostgresql client default is semicolon;

P,DB2 client db2/db2cmd has no command history function, PostgreSQL client has, can edit history command;

Q,DB2 cannot install different database versions on the same machine, PostgreSQL can;

R,DB2 has the concept of a federal database, PostgreSQL does not;

S,DB2 II can replicate heterogeneous databases, and PostgreSQL needs to develop its own software;

T,DB2 8.1 There is no good way to back up the entire database into a text script, PostgreSQL easy;

Java stored procedure overloads for U,DB2 8.1 need to restart the database, PostgreSQL not required;

V,DB2 the SQL command in the client db2/db2cmd can not be saved by using a folded line, PostgreSQL;

W,DB2 No Chinese documents, PostgreSQL and complete;

X,DB2 has a relatively complete error code, PostgreSQL is not complete at present;

Call function required in Y,DB2: select Func () from Sysibm.sysdummy1,postgresql only need: select Func (); Can

A stored procedure or function writing that returns a result set in Z,DB2 is very complex, requiring additional tablet storage of the result set, with the addition of a return Next statement in PostgreSQL;

There is no Rowtype/record type concept for stored procedures in A,DB2, PostgreSQL;

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