The simple art of writing chalk in Photoshop

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2013 will soon pass, and there is nothing more meaningful than to draw a full stop for 2013. This picture is inspired by the art of Blackboard typesetting.

In this tutorial, we will design a stylish decorative font and render the effect of the blackboard. The whole design process is simple, but it takes time and is about 3h.

First step

Open the AI and create a new document. Add the text "2013" with the Type tool. The font I use here is Pistilli Roman, which can be downloaded here.

Second Step

Add some decorations to the text, and decorate the material to download. The decoration should conform to the letter design.

Third Step

Add some details and these decorations should be as smooth and natural as possible.

Fourth Step

Copy some of the decorations and connect them.

Fifth Step

Continue to add decorations until you think you have reached a balanced combination.

Sixth step

The last thing to do is add the final detail, which is to add a swirl to the tail of these decorations.

Seventh Step

Open PS and create a new document. The size I use here is 2880*1800px. Then find a blackboard picture of the material as the background of our work.

Eighth step

Copy the image in the AI and paste it into PS. Also, create a new layer and fill it with black. Then, copy the image and combine it with the black layer.

Nineth Step

Sets the blending mode of the grouped object to a light color.

Tenth step

Select filters → filter gallery → angled lines, the direction balance is set to 67, stroke length is 9, sharpening degree is 5.

11th Step

Add a mask, then select the Brush tool with the texture brush, and apply 30% black to the mask to make the text more textured.

12th Step

For another 2013 picture above the other layer, select the layer → layer style → outer glow. Set as shown in the following figure.

13th step

Select the projection and set it as shown in the following figure. These two steps are to render the texture of the chalk.

14th Step

After the above settings, the effect of the image shown below. Then set the blending mode of the layer style to dissolve.

15th step

Select all the layers and copy them. Combine the copied layers into one layer and select filter → blur → Gaussian blur. Set the radius to 5px. The blending mode is set to soft light, 50%. Copy the layer again and reset the blending mode to filter color.

Finally, add your own logo. If you want to add some noise, you can use adjustment layers to reduce contrast.

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