The simplest way to implement singleton (single case mode) in C + + __c++

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A few days ago to see the Java implementation of the Singleton, I would like to achieve in C + +, looking for a lot of information, looked at the different versions of cattle, but finally found a stack overflow on the simplest way, do not need to determine whether there are instances exist, In the case of multithreading can also be used normally, now posted for reference:

Class S
        static s& getinstance ()
            static S    instance; 
            return instance;
        S () {};                   Constructor
        s (S const&);              Don ' t implement
        void operator= (S const&);//don ' t implement
It actually uses the static variables of the member functions in C + +: Static local variables are initialized the first time they are used and are not destroyed until the program exits.

Specific information:

Here are the four kinds of singleton I've summed up in C + +:

Singleton.cpp:Defines the entry point for the console application. 

#include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> #include <stdio.h> #include <Windows.h> using namespace std;
	C + + Singleton Version 1 class Singleton1 {Private:singleton1 () {};
	static singleton1* instance;
	Virtual ~singleton1 (void) {} Public:int ia;
		Static singleton1* getinstance () {if (NULL = = Instance) {instance = new Singleton1 ();
	return instance;

Must define static member, not just declaration singleton1* singleton1::instance = NULL;
C + + Singleton Version 2//use Smart point to release memory #include <memory> using namespace std; Class Singleton2 {public:static Singleton2 * getinstance () {if (NULL = = Instance.get ()) {Instance.reset (new S)
		Ingleton2 ());
	return Instance.get ();
int ia;
Private:static shared_ptr<singleton2> instance;

Shared_ptr<singleton2> singleton2::instance; C + + Singleton Version 3//use template To Reduce some duplicate work template <class t> class Singleton {public:static t* getinstance (); private:single ton () {} ~singleton () {} Singleton (const singleton&) {} singleton& operator= (const singleton&) {} static Sha
red_ptr<t> instance;


Template <class t> shared_ptr<t> singleton<t>::instance; Template <class t> t* singleton<t>::getinstance () {if (NULL = Instance.get ()) {Instance.reset (new single
	ton ());
return Instance.get (); 
		}//c++ Singleton Version 4//avoid memory allocation class Singleton4 {public:static singleton4& getinstance () {
		Guaranteed to be destroyed.
		instantiated on the. Static variable lifetime in function-
		What-is-the-lifetime-of-a-static-variable-in-a-c-function static Singleton4 instance;
	return instance; Private:singleton4 () {} ~singleton4 () {}//Dont forget to declare these two. You are want to make sure they// are unaccessable otherwise you accidently get copies of//your singleton.

Singleton4 (Singleton4 const&);//don ' t implement void operator= (Singleton4 const&);//don ' t implement};
	int _tmain (int argc, _tchar* argv[]) {/* version 1:memory leak a = singleton1* ();
	A->ia = 100;
	Singleton1* B = singleton1::getinstance ();
	cout << B->ia << Endl;
	* * singleton2* a2 = singleton2::getinstance ();
	A2->ia = 200;
	singleton2* b2 = Singleton2::getinstance ();
	cout << B2->ia << Endl;

	OutputDebugString (_t ("Hello world!"));

	System ("pause");
return 0;

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