The simplified general version of ewebeditor 4.8 for business (integrated with ASP) provides download

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The Advanced Server-side file browsing and sharing library buttons are added to make full use of existing files and shared files. Including image libraries, flash libraries, media libraries, and attachment libraries. Super Interface Effects: folder directory tree, four File Viewing modes, eight File Sorting methods, and file type icons. File Viewing modes include details mode, list mode, icon mode, and thumbnail mode. The thumbnail mode supports preview of images and Flash files. Sort files by name, type, file size, and modification time. You can set this function in the background. [Trial]
11 language packs are added. Including: Japanese, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish.
Added the iespell spelling check interface call function button.
Adds the insert print pagination button.
The uppercase and lowercase conversion buttons are added, and the cursor is positioned precisely.
Added the Excel multi-owc version compatibility dialog box option.
Font size, name, color, all use style optimization. The <font> label is no longer used for formatting. The <span> label that complies with the standard is used.
Multi-language interface optimization. This makes the dialog box interface more effective in various languages.
In the modify background image dialog box, the user interface is not optimized according to the background settings.
Fixed the issue where local images cannot be previewed in IE7.
Fixed the possible error in the interface parameter value of the custom upload file path.
Optimized user-friendly and enhanced real-time preview of images.
Fixed the error when copying a control and pasting it in plain text.
ASP version. It fixes possible duplicate content issues when using large content.
JSP version to fix possible File Upload problems.
Ewebeditor 4.8 simplified general version (integrated with ASP version)
Collect, organize, and make website building.
The watermark function of version 4.6 is basically complete, but it is not in this version.
Version 4.6 will be released separately and will not be released together with the current version.
The current version is called the 4.8 preview version at most.
Except for the absence of server plug-in files, all the other files are complete.
Ability to upload images. Watermarks are supported.
First version of server plug-in (available online)

Ewebeditor is a web-based, WYSIWYG, online HTML editor developed by the eweb team of She is able to implement the powerful visual editing functions of many desktop editing software (such as Word) on the webpage; she is a real green software, there is no need to install any client software on the computer; her ease of use makes Web developers only need one lineCodeYou can complete the call.
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