The site name is a problem, but not the key to building a station

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No matter what the domain name, or need a Chinese name to drive the site, this is the internet habits of Chinese netizens. The Chinese name of the website also clearly tells the user, this is a what website, what to do, to impress the user.

Just like webmaster net, is Stationmaster's website, nets the Internet fresh information, as well as stationmaster news, also has some many websites, for example Health Net, food net, train net and so on, regardless domain name is good to remember, at least Chinese name can let the user remember at once, and have a general understanding to this website. This is the advantage of a symmetrical name, remember.

A good memory of the site name is half the success, but the bad name can also create success. A gifted person, if not the hard work of the day after tomorrow, is no different from ordinary people. Good website name, just a good start, success or not all depends on your later how to develop. Now familiar with the laggards forum, is the webmaster Circle in the Senate, but why the name of the outdated? Everyone wants to be a leader, and don't want to lag behind people. In the outdated forum, people often ask "Am I out of date?", "Can I be outdated?" The "outdated" this originally not positive words, become popular, creating a new hot words. Outdated forum, the development of the past years, has been the owners of the affirmation, although not a loud name, but also created a brilliant. Without a good website name, you can succeed as well.

A lot of stationmaster the brain, want to find a name of horror, this of course good, but if can't perfect, had to return to ask second, choose relatively appropriate name. Of course, if you have a good name, but also to make good use of, to do a successful website. If you have a good domain name, or the Chinese name of the site, you do not give full play to the role of the name, then you will make many people regret.

The name of the website is "the Best of hands", if there is a chance to gain, then cherish the use of, if missed, then don't be discouraged, use second-rate name to create a first-class site it.

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