The sixth chapter of the "Boulevard to Jane"

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the sixth chapter of the "Boulevard to Jane"

as an IT programmer, first we need to understand the programming language. The problem is that we are in an environment where there are too many programming languages, too complex, such as: C + +, PHP, JAVA,. NET, and so on. In the face of this series of languages what we need to do is not to cram each language into its own brain, or to comment on the language in our short-sighted eyes, or that language is bad, but to learn how to choose, to make a linguistic pass, to learn thoroughly.

We learn programming languages for the sake of programming, but the programming of the fine meaning of this. Starting with the development behavior, it exists. Thousands of years ago, he was doing programming with similar behavior, and hundreds of thousands of years ago, Homo sapiens was also spinning in the logic of circulation and branching. Therefore, we should master the meaning of programming before programming.

Programming requires an appropriate approach, as Mr Greatlypraised mentioned, and the method is not mysterious because it is what you are doing, doing, and achieving today. Just as "pattern" is a method, and the pattern is the act of writing your code yesterday. However, GoF induces, extracts and promotes the inherent laws of these behaviors. You do not see the act of doing things, and you cannot understand the value of "patterns" as a method. So the gurus unanimous: patterns need some programming experience to understand. 、

Programming also attaches importance to methodological issues. A good project must go through a good process. The process associated with the project appeared. The process solves the problem of the relationship between the roles in the project. The process is about the problem of how many people (teams) organize together to develop. It first breaks down the links in the project. So, with the link, there is a role, with the role, there is communication. Therefore, the problem in the process is the role, communication and link problems.

Many of us always think that boss is the core of the organization. A good organization requires close co-operation between bosses and members. BOSS in the company to solve the "business" problem. This is actually more on the outside than the "tissue" layer. Not given in the preceding illustration, which means that the "operator" has nothing to do with "engineering". In a larger organization, you can see the difference between "operator" and "organizer" more directly. For example, the size of a company's shareholders are "operators", the board of Directors is usually the place to solve business problems, while the general manager, executive manager and various department managers are "organizers" at all levels, the manager of the association is to solve organizational problems. You should be aware that the real boss is the operator ②. This helps you to identify the reasons for your employment, what level of work you are facing, and whether you or your boss has the authority to decide if a project should be approved or discontinued. Therefore, it is particularly important to deal with the relationship between boss and organization members.

Tools are our "hands of God" and we must learn to use tools to achieve our goals. The creation of the tool is still due to the need for "(software) implementation". It is not possible to produce wheels and compasses from software development practices, because that is not what "essential requirements for software development" can drive. In the system of software engineering, the "realization" is the essential demand and the basic motive of the development, as the Hand of God promotes the formation of the software engineering theory system in the decades. Therefore, good at using tools is also one of our major advantages.

The sixth chapter of the "Boulevard to Jane"

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