The skill of making the performance notice with Word2007

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This method automatically extracts the student's name, study number, and other grades in the Excel score sheet, and then automatically produces the class's result notice according to the teacher's specified format! Neither teacher asked fill in the results, nor make mistakes!

The Magic Weapon we use is Word2007 's "mail merge"! This feature may be familiar to many friends, but because the Office2007 interface and the previous version is different, so specifically to write out the steps, for the needs of friends quick reference.

Master step: Edit a good grade notice form in Word2007

Use Word2007 mail Merge to specify EXCEL2007 's performance data sheet as the data source for your transcript

Specify the display position for the data in the EXCEL2007 Performance data table in Word2007

The Word document that finally merges to generate a new score notice

Here are the Excel transcripts we used two times before.

In the Word2007 to do a good job in the form of notice, here we do a relatively simple, focused on the introduction of methods. If the data is more, perhaps the table will be more complex, but whether simple or complex, Word2007 can easily help you to fix!

Now the protagonist! Select Select Recipients on the Mailings tab.

Select Use existing list.

Ah! Here we choose the specified data source-that is, Excel score table, so that Word2007 know where to get the score data!

Select a prepared Excel score sheet in the folder.

Now Excel's transcript has been linked to our word score notice!

Tip: If there are more than one worksheet in the results table, the following figure will be listed, select the required worksheets on it.

We can click "Edit recipient List" on the "mail" tab to see if our datasheet is associated with a word notice.

The data in Excel scores list is here!, if the teacher doesn't need all the data, you can select some of the required data here.

However, how does the notice know that so many data should be in what position? Now, the key step is coming!

Locate the Insert Merge field on the Mailings tab. This is the place where we can easily specify where the data should appear in the performance notice.

It's simple! Here's where the cursor stops in the transcript Word document where you need to show the number, which is "School number:" In the back, then, click the "Insert Merge Field" in the small Triangle, drop-down menu in the Excel score table in the corresponding fields, choose "School Number" on it!

Now "School Number:" The back of the "<< School number >>" words, it seems very strange, do not worry, wait for it will become a specific number!

In the same way, specify "name" and so on.

Use the same method to correlate the scores and the average points of each section in the word score notice with the corresponding fields of the excl.

Now, here we go! Click "Preview Results" in the "Mail" tab.

The number of Mickey Mouse for 20080002 is out! The data is read from Excel's score table!

If you want to see the results of other students notice, the teacher only need to "preview the results" to the right of the number of the window to enter the number or to press the LEFT arrow on it!

Now we need to print the transcript. Click the "Finish and Merge" button and select "Edit Single Document".

In this pop-up dialog we can specify what data needs to be merged into the new document.

Make sure that Word2007 will generate a new "letter" document later. Look! There are 13 pages here, all the students ' results are generated. If you need to print, print it out directly! Is it particularly convenient? Do not have to fill in the results, also can not be wrong, it is very convenient!

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