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In the work or study, after editing the document, often will be the number of pages of the document settings, or bookbinding or read up more trouble. And in the WPS editing text, a little bit of skill will achieve a multiplier effect, the following for you to talk about the insertion of page numbers and the small skills of typesetting.

1, with A4 paper typesetting documents, to print on the 16 paper, reflow too cumbersome, to use the original layout effect, just to print the Setup Panel in the "and hit and Zoom" under "Press-type Bloom" after setting to "16 open" can be.

Print settings

2, see WPS Text (or WPS table, WPS Demo can) have your favorite picture, just right-click the picture, in the right menu select "Save as Picture" can be transferred to the specified location. You can also use this method to dump objects such as graphics, WordArt, clip art, and so on in your document into pictures, and you can format your pictures any way you want.

3, want to put the page number on the right side of the footer set to the odd page in the right, even pages in the left effect, you do not have to delete the original page number and reset, just to perform "Insert → page number", and then in alignment, select "Outside", the other options are unchanged.

The above is in the WPS after text editing, to the document typesetting tips. A4 paper with the document printed into 16 open paper, reflow, waste a lot of valuable time, as long as from the print Setup to modify to 16 open, and the insertion of the page number of small skills, but also to improve the efficiency of many.

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