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Daily contact PPT, never think oneself is what master, just relatively skilled. has been a beginner's attitude towards PPT, in the daily production of PPT to find ways to save work efficiency. A little summary, for many PPT master may disdain, but feel that the most basic may often be our most easily overlooked. A few points you know but easy to be overlooked by your PPT production techniques, hope to help you.

1. Format copy

Any PPT version has a "format brush" function, most PPT users only use it to brush text format, but there are other uses. Although the PPT provides a lot of image effects and shapes, as long as you click the effect is now, I like to customize some of the image effect and shape, with a "format brush" can quickly apply a customized image effect and shape, without having to go through cumbersome reset.


is not that the format brush point can only brush once, absolutely not, double-click the format brush, then you can continue to brush.

2. Layer Management

Although I have more than once introduced the "Layer management" function, as if most of the PPT users or rarely used.

If you make some more complex animation, or insert a lot of beautiful pictures in the ppt, edit the picture listed together, how to do?

At this time "layer management" on the Great divinity. PPT2003 in the animation and layer management is a trivial matter, some waste of time. But PPT2007 and ppt2010 are different, and now you can manage it more efficiently and conveniently, such as turning the layers on or off, changing the sorting, and so on. You can also rename them to distinguish between different objects of action.

3. Irregular cropping

I have in the blog 7 ways to let your image processing more creative introduction of the "profiled paper-cut", but based on PS, for a lot of friends without PS is still difficult. That does not use PS pure in PPT can also achieve this irregular "cropping". When you insert a shape, the most used is definitely a rectangle or a circle, try to use the "freeform" to crop the picture, is also a good tip. Look at the cases I've done ...

There are a lot of good features, such as "picture replacement" and so on, and then slowly chat. For PPT use say, I am also groping, if you are better inspiration or idea, welcome to my message, we discuss together.

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