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Here are a few simple tips to help you evaluate your Web page in 30 seconds or less, help you clear the clouds, and see what parts of your Web page are designed to be good and those parts are not good enough. When you are ready to develop a website, you must hope that the website you send out will give users the best user experience. It is an art and a science to evaluate a website accurately and quickly, but this kind of art or science can be quickly learned. Here are a few simple tips to help you evaluate your Web page in 30 seconds or less, help you clear the clouds, and see what parts of your Web page are designed to be good and those parts are not good enough.

Watch your first point of view-open the site, but do not open your eyes until the site is completely loaded. And what is the first thing you see when you open your eyes? Did it immediately tell you what this page is about? Or do you need to spend a few more minutes browsing to find out what it's about?

Squint -close your eyes to the screen, but don't die, the content on the page becomes blurred. Pay attention to the movement of your eye's point of view and focus on your current brain activity, which is making some intuitive response based on the limited information it captures now. Have you noticed any changes in each area of the page? Your brain is comparing the various areas of the page, and your eyes instinctively capture the most obvious part of the page's contrast.

scan the entire page diagonally from upper left to lower right -this is the conscious reading direction of your eyes (of course, in some cultural habits this is the opposite). Because the human brain is in this order to receive information, so your page content should be from the upper left corner to the lower right corner of the order, clear, orderly display.

tips on "Five things" – Go to your home page, browse for five seconds, and then say five things on the home page you can remember. Just look at it for five seconds and let your brain recall five things on the page. If you do, please compare the five things you recall to the first five of the information you want your site users to get on this page. The human brain can only notice so much information in such a short period of time, and most of the browsing users have no patience to browse more page content, and they begin to click on the link to enter the detailed page. The user's response is the first step in your page to their user experience, so make sure that the five most noteworthy things reflect their value.

Find the intersecting lines – Find the intersecting lines between each module part of the page and try to keep your eyes fixed on them. Your eyes are falling on the most important piece of the screen? A good web design can subtly draw your eyeballs to areas where the most information can be collected in the shortest time-usually a few seconds.

Learning to look critically at a website is an important skill to hone. It requires you to look at the problem in a user's perspective, and the better your role can be, the more you'll find a more user experience.

Too many companies would rather waste a lot of time arguing about a particular detail of the site, but ignoring the more important premise. This will put your users and ultimately your company's business at a disadvantage, because this "more important premise" is: What makes users feel about your service or website.

Take a look at your site, spend 30 seconds, and use these techniques to evaluate them. After all, these are the things your major potential users will do when they enter your Web site-whether they realize that they are thinking and browsing habits.

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