The sky will be reduced to the people of Sri Lanka, and they must first suffer from their minds, work their muscles and bones, starve their bodies, empty their bodies, and do whatever they do, so they are willing to endure, gain what they cannot

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Java itself is a very easy and static language, so the principle behind Java is also very easy. It comes down to two points:

1. JVM Memory Management

With this understanding, all object-related problems can be solved.

2. JVM Class Loader

After understanding this, all Java-related configuration problems, including the configuration of various app servers, can be solved by publishing applications.

Just like Zhang Wuji's learning of the sword, the essence is to draw circles in a circle. If you understand the essence of the sword, then the sword will be so easy to learn, the difficulty lies in the fact that you can draw a different line from the other.
The sword trick requires a little understanding and constant practice. Conversely, if you do not learn the essence of the sword, you have learned 10 thousand strokes and met 1st million strokes, it still won't be possible.

The technology world is rich and colorful, and the attempt to unify standards is actually impossible, but the nature of the world is actually not complicated. When learning technology, especially a detailed software tool, you should learn to quickly grasp the nature of things and not to confuse things too much.
Section. Software tools should be used by me, rather than being controlled by them. When you have the ability to design and implement the entire J2EE architecture, will you still be constrained by detailed tools? Which tool is suitable for your architecture, you can use it or not,
If you abandon it, the software is under your feet, instead of being led by any software. To this extent, are you still afraid of learning new software?

I have been working in this direction myself. In my mind, designing software and architecture are the first. What technology should I use to serve the architecture. If I find that any technology is very important to my architecture, I will take the time to study and study it.
Like taking the time to study Orm, if I think any technology is not practical for my architecture, I will not touch it even if the technology is so popular.

In short, we must learn to grasp the essence and control technology, instead of being controlled by technology. When you master the essential principles, everything is actually learned very quickly. After all, everything is the same. I will first look at JDO and later at hibernate. In fact, the two are very similar, so I learned very quickly.
If I want to learn other ORM jobs, I don't think there is any difficulty.

More convincing is the UNIX operating system, which is more similar. It only needs to grasp the most essential UNIX points, such as shell commands and programming, file system structure and configuration, the system startup principle and process, all UNIX is self-taught. Self
Linux, FreeBSD, sco unix, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and other 6 UNIX, more experience to the principle of a hundred.

Take Zhang Wuji, who has just made a secret, for example, (I like Zhang Wuji very much), and he has never practiced any martial arts, but he has taken the essence of martial arts in the world: jiuyang's power +
Qian Kun learned how to move his hands, so no matter what kung fu, he will read it once and immediately use it for me. After reading the blank, he used the Dragon Claw hand again, it will use the Dragon Claw hand to break the other party; and the kunlunpi fight, it will use the Kunlun jianfa and the extinct division too much; seven injuries
Boxing is more self-developed, while Taijiquan can be seen once.

In short, the learning method is still very important. Don't be confused by varied technologies.

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