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The Smart Client was so powerful by Microsoft a few years ago that many people did not dare to start it. I am also one of them. I have nothing to worry about recently,
I made some research on it and found that it is so similar to web applications using ActiveX.
The following describes how to deploy a Smart Client Program:
1. Develop your Windows application.
To ensure less interaction with the client environment (such as file access, registry access, database access, and use of Com objects), your program
It is best to make the logic processing part into a Web Service.
2. Release your program to the Web server. This is very simple. Note that the relevant components must be copied.
3. Client Configuration
This is the core part of the Smart Client architecture. I will focus on this.
If your Windows program uses a Web Service, you must ensure that the client can access this Web Service.
For example, left:

By comparing the left and right parts in the figure, you will find that they are similar. If they have version upgrades, you will also find that it is so difficult to update.
You need to manually clear the files in the Client Buffer. It is estimated that someone has solved this problem.

The client configures. NET runtime Security

This part is the core of the Smart Client application. It took me a day to understand it. It can be configured in two ways,
The first command line tool is CasPol.
Caspol /? You can see the usage of the command parameters.
I often use:
Caspol-m-ag All_Code-url http: // localhost/* FullTrust-n Shark
This command is used to trust all. Net programs from localhost.
Second, the Microsoft. NET Framework Configuration program.
Click Start Menu/control panel/Administrative Tools/Microsoft. NET Framework Configuration
Find Runtime Security Policy/Machine/Assembly/All_Code and add
Enter the name of the Code group.

Then, Set Condition Type to url and enter the address of the Web server you want to control.
Finally, select Permission Set.

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