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Network of the CEO Wang is my business in huaqing garden neighbor, when I do my game net, he do has been looking at the school net day by day grew up, until 1 years to become the first campus SNS brand, and finally be mop to each active user 20 U.S. dollar price acquisition.

To say that, before the acquisition, I also missed the opportunity to buy 1% shares, otherwise it can be a small amount of cash for the new Year.

NET at the beginning of the net looks like, and almost identical, but should that sentence, layman to see lively, knowledgeable look at the doorway. I do not know whether I really see the doorway, nonsense one or two bar.

1, in the early days of the school, Wang Girlfriend (or call wife, they for many years), personally with a few students to audit the authenticity of registered users, the real to add a star and special treatment. This looks very stupid method, has laid the basic characteristic which the net user is realistic, this is extremely helpful to the campus net activity high.

2, the campus has a special place, is to fill in grade, professional, dormitory and curriculum, this looks a bit cumbersome to fill in the content of the user's authenticity again made a guarantee, because through this information, who want to make up a student information, too easy to see through.

Other than to say, just this bright spot, enough to see Wang the team's operation.

Why the campus SNS is everybody optimistic, have 2 points is very crucial:

1, the university student is the Internet active user Absolute main force. Capturing this crowd and their future almost captures the core high-value users of the Chinese Internet.

2, the university campus market can be by class, by grade, by professional, by dormitory ... To subdivide, and more crucially, to circle the campus every day, a small message can be spread throughout the school in 1 days. Such a market is highly aggregated and has a very high dissemination value.

Compare to say Msnnext:

1, Msnnext is based on MSN value-added services, and joined next hope to develop network to participate in mutual aid users are active users in MSN, so Msnnext from the first day, it does not need to audit the authenticity of identity, are a living working people.

2, Msnnext use two degrees, that is, "friend Friend" mode, from the provision of "find work, find the object, find a house, to find cooperation", if a friend of friends to do the interaction, identify this person's method is also particularly simple, access to the data click "Common Friends", and then ask these common friends, The evaluation of this person is very clear. Although there is no such as the campus of the physical "calibration" environment, but through a lot of common friends to the relatively unfamiliar "two-degree friend" to check, but also accurate enough.

Why choose MSN to do Im+sns mode, there are 2 reasons:

1, MSN users are typical white-collar users, is the most elite after graduation of the user community.

2, MSN is used every day IM, the more frequent communication, the higher the tightness, this can be compared with the university campus close degree.

3, MSN users than students can have more money, there are enough resources to participate in mutual assistance: to cooperate to create a point of great value.

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