The solution of the black screen of the flower screen of notebook computer

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First, driver issues

Because the laptop driver is not a graphics chip company to write, chip companies in the provision of chips, the driver of the issue to the notebook computer manufacturers to write, so there may be a certain degree of compatibility problems. At the same time, notebook computer drive to release a very slow, generally six months or one year update. The first thing we can do is try to see if running other 3D programs also have the same flower screen, black screen, and if the problem disappears, it can be considered a compatibility issue. At the same time, the driver file is damaged or missing, may cause the graphics card to run a false panic, Huati, black screen and so on, to solve this problem simply uninstall the original driver, reinstall the driver can be.

Second, third-party software

to open overclocking software, if the video memory frequency exceeds the head, the screen appears mapping errors, flower screen phenomenon is very normal, serious will also cause panic. Because video memory works at abnormally high frequencies, the higher frequencies only make the job unstable, especially when data is read and written. At this point, we just need to lower or restore the default frequency.

Of course, the above mentioned is that we are troubleshooting notebook computer screen Trouble the most basic method, if the debug failure is still, we should turn from the hardware aspect. On the author's personal experience, the phenomenon of notebook computer screen is generally a hardware problem, software problems in the compatibility of more.

Third, LCD signal line bad Contact

This is the first step in our inspection of hardware. Huati, black screen phenomenon irregular appearance, or after tapping and pressing the keyboard surface after the failure disappears, this is often due to the LCD signal line and interface caused by poor contact results. We just need to reseat the corresponding interface problem to eliminate.

IV, oxidation reaction

This is generally due to the laptop computer in the environment or long-term use after the result of easy to appear, when processing, we first will LCD signal line interface out, with the eraser joint of the gold finger, and the interface is stained with a small amount of anhydrous alcohol cotton to scrub, The aim is to remove adverse contact phenomena caused by oxidation or contamination. After processing, and then the line back up, check whether the plug can be.

Five, video memory problems

As part of the notebook computer graphics card memory using the dynamic memory technology (that is, dvmt,dynamic Memory Technology), the use of part of the memory capacity for video card memory. In the actual operation process, possibly due to the internal structure of memory damage, when to select this part as video memory, the chip and the obvious existence of data exchange often error, resulting in the flower screen, black screen, and even the crash phenomenon. When this happens, we can use the substitution method to replace the same specification of memory for inspection. Of course, if the apparentSave is integrated on the motherboard, we can only send repair.

Six, capacitance issues

Ramdac (Random Access Memory digital-to-analog Converter) and filter capacitors are two important factors that determine the quality of the graphics screen. And the entire filter circuit work quality and capacitance quality is mutually linked, when the use of inferior capacitance or due to the capacity of its own characteristics of the decline, the appearance of flower screen, black screen phenomenon will be used to. In the solution, we can first use a multimeter to check out the problem of the capacitor, and then with the replacement of the specifications, so that the problem can be solved.

above are some of the things we can deal with, through debugging, replacing the method can be solved (note: This article does not mention the problem caused by poor heat dissipation, as we all know, notebook computer graphics card using Low-power design, in the temperature control is very good, and finished products in the factory undergo rigorous testing, thermal problems manufacturers will naturally consider comprehensive, but for those who can not repair problems, such as: chip flaws, integrated on the motherboard video memory damage and so on. Encountered these problems, we can only repair the notebook computer, the solution to such problems is often the replacement of the entire motherboard, which we diyer difficult to do.

Although there is a problem with the notebook computer, we can completely hand over to the merchant to deal with, but for want to improve their hands-on ability and knowledge of the DIYer, to solve their own problems, enhance their ability, this undoubtedly more meaningful!

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