The solution of WIN8 system playing legend appearing flower screen

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Legend is that since the advent of online games, belong to the most classic of a game, although many users are asking 3D games, but this kind of classic game 2D game is still favored by many players, but some users in the use of WIN8 system operating systems under the legend, the game appears flower screen problem, This problem has been plagued by many players, so Hedong Software Park for everyone to bring a solution, I hope to help you!

Solving method

1, if you are playing the right click on the login (anyway right click on the program you run the game), the following figure:

2, change the "compatible" mode to Win7 or XP, check "Simplified color mode", select 16-bit color, then click Apply.

3, and then run the login device to try to enter the legend, you will find that the game no longer spend screen, you can play.

Through the above operation, we can see that the screen is caused by the compatibility of the system, we only need to run the compatibility mode to solve the problem!

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