The solution of wireless router's panic and frequent disconnection

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At present, wireless network technology development faster, the use of wireless network users are more and more, but the use of wireless router users will find that the problem is more than the use of wired routers, and the network does not have the stability of the cable, which are normal phenomenon. The most common problem with wireless routers is that the wireless router crashes, or the network is often disconnected, how can these common problems be avoided and resolved?

One, the router freezes solves the method

1. Check whether the environment is ventilated, if the heat dissipation, will cause the situation of panic.

2. Check whether the virus is infected, such as ARP virus.

3. In the configuration interface, "Advanced settings" → "High Network settings" activation "Ignore from WAN PING reply".

4. Reset and reset the router.

Second, the router often appears to solve the phenomenon of disconnection

1. Confirm that there is no problem with the outside line, do not connect the router directly connected to the modem will not drop;

2. Check whether the PC is infected with the virus, if so, please deal with it as soon as possible;

3. Check whether someone in the use of BT, or thunder, electric Donkey and other peer-to-peer software in the download, if there is, we recommend that the first try not to do the download can be stable. Limit the amount of download traffic and connections in Peer-to-peer software.

4. In the Routing management Interface Tool → other items. Enable ignoring Ping from WAN side and turn on DOS protection, reset the device, or upgrade the software.

5. If the above content does not solve the problem, you can refer to: Routers on the Internet often drop the line of inspection processing methods.

Summary: Although the current many wireless routers in the function and Web interface, set are very user-friendly, are trying not to bring users to the inconvenience, but after all, can not avoid the occurrence of small faults, so master some simple solution to the problem is more practical. These two are only a small part of a number of failures, some specific cases are based on the actual situation to solve.

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