The sound card does not sound when the NIC or other device is installed

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After the computer installed a network card or other devices, the original normal use of the sound card is not audible.

Most of these failures are caused by compatibility issues and interruption of conflicts. The problem of driving compatibility is better solved, that is to update the driver of each product. If the conflict is interrupted more trouble, select "Control Panel" → "System" → "Hardware" → "Device Manager", and then query each IRQ interrupt, and can manually set IRQ, eliminate conflicts. If the conflict is not eliminated in Device Manager, the best approach is to go back to the BIOS, close some unwanted devices, and empty out the extra IRQ interrupts. You can also swap your network card or other device for one slot, which will also change your IRQ interrupts to eliminate conflicts. In the PNP/PCI entry of the BIOS after replacing the slot, replace reset Configuration data with enable, empty the PCI device table, and reassign IRQ interrupts.

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