The SQL Server 2000 Service cannot be started, and the system prompts "the system cannot find the specified file" solution and SP4 cannot be installed.

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Because of the need, SQL2000 has been installed on another computer, and a patch of big SP4. Previously, these patch installation operations had not encountered any problems on your computer, and they were handled smoothly! (Happy!) but today I am trying to solve the problem when installing and patching on someone else's computer. What a little bit more! (That is, a word: miserable) there is no problem with installing SQL2000. All the way to the green light, they are laughing. But the problem lies in the installation process of the next patch. The patch has not been successfully installed. First, I cannot start the 2000 that has been successfully installed. If I have already started the patch, I can't find the file. Baidu just clicked it, the problem turned out to be that the installed files were modified during patching. Symptom: the SQL Server service manager cannot start the SQL statement. The system prompts "the specified file cannot be found ". The cause is:
The sqlservr.exe file in the SQL installation directory (X: \ x. x \ Microsoft SQL Server \ MSSQL \ binn] is missing or the suffix is modified.


1. copy the file from another host. The file size is 8.72 MB;

2. Find sqlservr.lin the bindirectory (this should be a malicious modification. If it is incorrect, convert it to sqlservr.exe with a size of 8.72.


Okay, this problem has been solved, but my goal is to add the patch and pull the problem again,


The xxx file is not used. What other XXX files do not exist?


The patch is incomplete or damaged. The anti-virus software is enabled or the SQL service is not disabled.


Download the complete patch (, which is useful here), disable SQL services, and disable anti-virus software such as 360. Close from task manager. It is best to disconnect the network.

Finally, how can I check whether SP4 is successfully installed?

Use the following command:
Select @ version
The query result is as follows:
Microsoft SQL Server 2000-8.00.2039 (Intel x86)
May 3 2005 23:18:38
Copyright (c) 1988-2003 Microsoft Corporation
Personal Edition on Windows NT 5.1 (build 2600: Service Pack 2)

This indicates that the operation is successful!
In fact, in c: \ Program Files \ Microsoft SQL Server \ MSSQL \ binn \ sqlservr.exe
You can also right-click to view the version, but the information is simple. 8.00.2039 indicates that SP4. is installed.


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