The SQL2000 and SQL2005 conflict resolution method

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1, because the SQL2000 installation process can not modify the instance name, so the installation process must first install SQL2000, and then install SQL2005. You must modify the SQL instance name when you install SQL2005, otherwise it will conflict with the instance name of SQL2000.

2, after the installation of SQL2005, began to use SQL2000 client tools to connect SQL2005, the results report can not be connected with the SQL2000 client tools, can only use the SQL2005 Client tool connection, It is proven that the SQL2005 client tool can connect both SQL2000 and SQL2005.

3, the server installed after the completion of the remote connection to the SQL Server to try, the results are always connected SQL2005, can only connect to the SQL2000. The original SQL2000 server is always port 1433, and SQL2005 is using a dynamic port. So if the program is connected to the SQL20005 server, how does the program know what port the SQL2005 server is using? Originally SQL2005 provided a SQL Brower service, after which the service can be queried SQL The Brower service knows which port SQL2005 is using now. Because the project needs to change this SQL2005 dynamic port to static, the modification process is as follows:

Run SQL Configuration Manager, locate the protocol under the SQL instance name, double-click the TCP/IP protocol on the right, and enter the SQL run port on the Second tab Ipall (Note that you cannot fill both dynamic and static ports, otherwise SQL will not start next time). Restarting the SQL service after the modification is complete takes effect.

4, modify the port after the connection found still can not connect, the original also need to open SQL2005 remote landing services.

Remote logins are not allowed by default in Microsoft SQL Server 2005, and an error "Provider:sql network interface, error:26-locating the specified server/instance" appears, the following method opens:

Configuration Tool->sql Server perimeter configuration-> service and the perimeter configuration of the connection-> open the Database engine node under the MSSQLSERVER node, choose Remote Connection, and then recommend that you use tcp/ IP and Named pipes ", after determining, restart the database service.

5, remote Login services and ports are modified after the connection should be no problem. Results remote connection SQL2000 found no problem, but the connection SQL20005 still not, in the SQL2005 Client Connection tool needs to enter the SQL service you want to connect, SQL2000 directly enter the server's IP address, How can I enter a service that allows the client tool to connect to the SQL2005? Since SQL2005 modified the port, that according to the normal input format to enter the "IP address + colon + port number" should be OK, the results of a try to find still not. The default port for client connections was later modified, and the result was still not. No way, only to online Google a turn, the results finally in an English article found the connection method, the original according to the normal format input is wrong, you need to change to "IP address + comma + port number" just line.

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