The standard of mature men, try to do!

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  1. Pay attention to your promise. A mature man will never go on his own, his every commitment is very important, before wishing to carefully consider whether his words can really be cashed, if not to cash, he never said, words will practice. Every word of him makes you feel relieved and can be trusted. With a full mouth running train, disorderly allege, slow to take action of the man, and mature not.
  2. No rhetoric. Mature man never casually talk, he will grasp the appropriate silence, voice clear but not noisy. Drink a little bit of your own little experience to the small story to the table big talk, do not have speakers half house people can hear, this kind of man, the most Bo audience a smile, who will not put you that multifarious so-called "struggle Road" in the heart.
  3. Be knowledgeable and restrained. They read, accept new information and enrich their connotation. But they do not make a publicity, their talent only when necessary to show up, will not be to meet vanity to deliberately showing off. They are like the mellow wine, the more the product more taste way.
  4. Broad-minded. Mature men do not haggle over, do not covet petty, do not care to eat a small loss, do not chatter complaining about that. Their eyes are never tied to trivial matters, and they are often "angels first" when it comes to small quarrels in the family.
  5. Not self-centered. Mature men respect themselves and respect others more. They are good at changing thinking, will stand in the position of others to consider the problem, not forcing others to accommodate themselves, good at cooperating with others. The man who "I how", typical of the emperor's temper, has not grown up.
  6. The courage to admit mistakes. Mature men are not stubborn, can accept different opinions, good at adopting the best advice. For their own improper decision-making, they have the courage to bear the consequences, never find excuses to stall.
  7. Strong will. Mature men have a place to change the psychological quality, once they determine their goals, they strive towards it, encountered setbacks, they analyze the reasons, learn lessons, timely correction direction, but never easy to say back. They will be tired, but after the rest, they set out confidently.
  8. Clean and tidy. A mature man respects his appearance. They leave the most suitable hairstyle, the chin is clean without stubble, the face is not greasy, do not leave long nails. Clothes do not have to be brand name, but neat and generous, will not wear crumpled like a courier delivery. They would never wear black leather shoes with white socks and wear suits to travel.
  9. Aged respected Mature men have love, social responsibility, the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. He will give seats to the elderly and pregnant women, will give donations to the affected areas, will help out of school children, will be obliged to donate blood ... They don't have to do all these things, but they never do anything.
  10. Have a hobby. They are not only know the work of the robot, know how to use hobbies to regulate their tense nerves, work and leisure are not mistaken, which makes them have fun. No wonder women say: A man with a hobby is not prone to bad.
  11. A mature man must be very filial piety parents, he will never let parents in the north wind roar of the Eve stand at the village, also won't let parents pinch expensive prescription bitter sigh back home boil bowl ginger soup to deal with illness. When his parents came to his clean, brightly-lit company in rags, he laughed and clapped and patted the dust on them. He is sure to call his parents often, even interested in buying a stamp to write a letter, like a student.
  12. A mature man must love his wife, this love, not only say: "I love You", but love in the heart, in the heart of the most soft place, brewing thick, through the eyes faint to pass out, always to the wife pass out. When his wife is ill, he must hug her like a child, and keep his wife warm in his arms; he will sleep on the stormy rainy night, no matter how important the outside social intercourse; the wife's first white hair must be his first discovery, and then he will be grateful to the psychological relish to eat every dish that his wife, Even if it is a pot of white porridge and a dish of pickles in a hurry, he will caress his wife's wrinkles with his generous palms in the winter, and murmured: "You are still so beautiful!" "And at this moment, his eyes must be flashing tears!"
  13. A mature man must often do housework, because he knows home is a common harbor, even if there is a family nanny, wife also most love sleep husband finishing is lying, most love to wear husband wash clothes, she most love to see her husband dragged the way-that posture, in her eyes is how handsome and sexy!
  14. A mature man will try to make money, even if the final few, but he never discouraged, he will struggle all his life, poor and poor in the face of his wife and children would never show a bit of frustration. A mature man must be optimistic and diligent.
  15. A mature man will accompany his wife to the streets, he will think: the leader called me weekend overtime, I dare not refuse, my wife told me to go to the streets on weekends, but also can not lose her, because it is the wife of important pleasures in life, the wife is always 10,000 times times more important than the leadership. And he would happily appreciate every new dress his wife tried on, and even decided to buy himself a suit, but insisted on buying a dress and a pair of lipstick for his wife.
  16. A mature man must not cheat, he knows how to make himself elegant and healthy in mind and body. Moreover, he did not give other women the chance to fall in love with themselves, and would not allow themselves to admire the woman in an ambiguous way, so that he impulse and out of control. He firmly believes that: the only thing that is worth cherishing. He knows better: the so-called "men are not bad, women do not Love", that only bad women love, "men have money, women to the door", it is greedy money woman to the door. A good woman is not going to love a married man.
  17. A mature man must love his children very much, for he is a part of his body, his soul and even his life, whether he is ugly or beautiful, is healthy or weak, is a prodigy or a normal person, he will always be his apex meat. He knows how to protect his children and he knows better how not to spoil them.
  18. A mature man must love his job, whether he is a blue collar, a white-collar worker or a doctor or a teacher, he knows how to find fun at work. He unites colleagues, cares for others and is willing to do good deeds. His salary was not high, but he was always happy, and he remembered what Americans often said: "The man who stays at home does not go out to work is the most annoying" and he knows that fulfilling life can make a person more energetic than a key body.
  19. A mature man is always dressed cleanly, generous and decent, neat hair, no beard, clothes always emit a faint sun fragrance, he does not necessarily Yushu, but it must be humorous generous, personable. In the unit, the mature man's face is always filled with a smile of warmth!
  20. A mature man must be very patriotic, he knows: Parents gave him life, but the motherland can make his life more broad.
  21. A mature man will never be a corrupt official, he understands: it is more interesting to have happiness than to have a pile of money in fear.
  22. A mature man will not play Mahjong gambling, he refused to stay up late, but also rejected any speculative game in life.
  23. A mature man sometimes drinks but never loses his temper.
  24. A mature man occasionally also can surf the net, also will chat, but will not indulge in the yellow webpage, will not love the net, he most clearly leaves the reality soil the fictitious love is how absurd and bored.
  25. A mature man is a mountain, he is grim and rich, he is a sea, broad and gentle, he a tree, stalwart and strong; however, he is a sonorous poem, writing wisdom, perseverance, deep and high ...

The standard of mature men, try to do!

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