The status quo of it fetish 35-Don't let your expertise limit you

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There is a kind of people like Wei Zi, think that they are engaged in mobile development work, other areas of technology is not related to their own. Always a very busy look-I am not lazy to focus on other technologies, Android developers are not proficient in what time to look at other?
Now it seems that this is a very bad way to do nothing. The old saying often says skill does not press body, the more oneself will be more competitive. Well, I seem to have drawn the topic to the breadth and depth of technology, but if you talk about it from different points of departure, the results will be different.

I'm going to throw a scene and talk about the breadth and depth of the technology, and then I'll try to buckle down on the topic today: Don't let the technology you're good at limits you.

The protagonist of this scene is still in the position of Wei Tsai. Scenario Description Start: Wei Tsai has been engaged in the development of Android applications, because this field to dig deep, no certain accumulation is certainly not, each direction such as video codec, image recognition, animation effects and so on you have to dive down to the heart to sink down to study will have a certain insight and development. To tell the truth, so many technical fields have enough to drink a lot of pot, will certainly be drunk, it is really no time to look at other technology. Although sometimes Wei Tsai tired, also issued a technical world so big, want to go out of the feeling, but not enough energy to yy a bit.

But an Internet (mobile Internet) app that doesn't have a cloud (server or Web) is no good. You say, do you want to know about the technology in the cloud?

Everyone's future is fraught with uncertainty. This kind of unknown also brings people fun, because the human is like this, does not like the invariable life. So, Wei-Tsai, have you been an Android app developer all your life? If you want to do your own product, do your own project, you have to understand all aspects of the product/project, only mobile development technology is not enough . So I want to say, don't let your good technology limit you , because you have countless possibilities in the future, not because of your lack of preparation for the opportunity to pass. Human potential is amazing, when you are prepared to take the initiative to meet the changes, will be more efficient than passive reception. When others are complaining, you have already flung them off several streets.

This week's technical selection of Web service has made Wei Tsai suffer. Wei Zi is really a layman in web technology. The mastery of the Java language does not imply a seamless connection to the Java Web. This is Java 20 years ago, but Wei Tsai is only using Java to develop Android for less than 6 years. Java is strong and Wei is weak, Java has a long history and Wei Tsai's understanding of her is far from deep enough.

Let oneself be good at or oneself good at, turn own heart door to other technology open, let oneself of knowledge structure colorful and have level, no matter the world is changeable, you can still live wonderful.

The status quo of it fetish 35-Don't let your expertise limit you

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