The steps of using AXURERP to do prototype design of example

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In general, there are instances to be combined into the whole, but our design process needs to be considered from the overall layout, and then to refine each function point. So the prototype design of the example is especially important in the prototype of some medium and high fidelity requirements, and the general learning Axurerp is from the example of others ' doing, so it is helpful to learn the prototype design of the sample and improve the skill of using AXURERP.

Here, the definition of an instance prototype is mainly two aspects, one is a separate function point or function page, such as the mouse click of the input box can modify the function point, Register login function page, etc. the second is independent interactive effect, can be deployed separately, such as slide effect, micro bo effect. The former focus on the implementation of the function, the latter focus on the implementation of an interactive unit, both can be encapsulated into components, so you can use their common instance prototypes are encapsulated into a component library, so in the following design call can be very convenient. Back to the point, here's how to design an instance prototype.

1, to understand the principle of implementation

Each instance prototype is a separate function or interaction effect, so it will be useful axurerp to implement the principle. In fact, the principle is to let you know exactly how this thing is done, how to do it. If this does not understand the words, the back of the start. Therefore, before the prototype, Axurerp is very important, the axurerp must have a certain familiarity and understanding, or to a realization of the requirements, no idea, brain blank, so certainly can not do something to. It takes a process to develop, look at other people's designs, figure out what they're doing, and then try to do it yourself, and finally think about where there's room for improvement. Actually more hands-on, natural will have a feeling, wait until you see some simple functional requirements, just look at the demand, you know how to use Axurerp to draw prototypes, basically almost, of course, for some complex functions, or to clean up the thinking. By saying so much, you must figure out how to do it before you start working on the prototype. I am writing some examples of prototype design of the Axurerp tutorial, usually at the beginning of the first time to introduce the principle of implementation, this to organize their own design ideas is very helpful, practice makes perfect, the beginning is always difficult, think much, naturally smooth.

2. Build Design Structure

Know the implementation of the principle, you know in the whole instance of the prototype design process need to use which components, what components to do what kind of function, will be in the heart of the spectrum, this time can build the design structure. This process includes adding component elements, setting component layout layouts, and setting component properties (name, size, orientation, color, text, and so on). These are for the specific design behind the foundation, a functional example design, layout looks at least not too ugly, to relatively see the past, hehe, all in this link to complete. In contrast, this is not very important, this layout in the subsequent detailed design process may need to be modified, but the basic framework must be built, so separate out as a step.

3, Carry on the detailed interactive design

Once you've done the basic work, you can start making interactive designs. The design here includes the component's own variable effect, such as mouse move in, move out, hover, etc., interactive events, such as mouse click events, logic settings, including the logic, jump logic, feedback logic and so on. This part is very important, the example prototype can be done, look at this step of the design. These interactive design also depends on the individual axurerp skills, a part of the logical thinking ability, especially to do more complex interactive effect, the idea must be clear, or judge the conditions of a lot, it is easy to disorderly off. One thing to note here is that when you use variables with caution, it's best to take a very straightforward name and assign values to variables as simple as possible, because variables make your interaction design more complex. Note, here just let everyone use caution, is not not recommended to use, variable or a very good function, with good, you can change more interactive effect.

4, the repeated debugging

Many interactive effects are not one-time settings can be successful, especially the complex interaction effect, need to do many times the effect of the attempt, repeated changes to adjust, and finally reached the final effect. This process must be patient, slow work out of the wins, thinking is right, the idea is also feasible, it will certainly be able to make the effect, even if the end really did not make the effect, can also think in turn, is their own axurerp characteristics do not understand the cause, or their own knowledge level limitations. The whole process of debugging can let you learn a lot of things, so say to do more, hands-on is to learn these processes. Here's a point where you need to repeat settings or similar settings, first debugging a point, this point debugging passed, you are very clear, the rest of the point of design is very fast, such as I designed the simulation Taobao evaluation effect is such, each star set in fact the principle is the same, a star debugging passed, Five stars are good to do long, and then four groups of stars are ripe.

Basically an instance prototype is polished by such a four-step design and can be molded. But it's not really important to be able to make it in the end, it's what you learn from the process. We suggest that in the process of learning, the first imitation of their own design, more to see more to learn more hands-on, so accumulated, with AXUERP to do the prototype design is no longer difficult.

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