The story behind the Safe Dog Security Cloud host

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Cloud Host is a new generation of host leasing services, it integrates high-performance servers and high-quality network bandwidth, effectively solve the traditional host rental price is high, uneven service quality and other shortcomings, can fully meet small and medium-sized enterprises, personal webmaster users of the host rental services low-cost, high reliability, easy management needs.

But as a webmaster, in the purchase of cloud host there will be some doubts:

Pick a question:

Cloud Host market fish mix, many black-hearted businessmen on the market in the banner of the cloud to sell is the VPS products, people are impossible to guard against.

Usage questions:

In general, there will be a lot of loopholes on the system, especially if some high-risk security vulnerabilities are not repaired in time, the risk is very large. For example, if an overflow vulnerability occurs, hackers can use overflow to gain system privileges. In addition, the general system is enabled by default, some unnecessary services and ports, which not only improves the system resource occupancy rate, but also increases the security risks, and the default database permissions are also high, the database one but a loophole, hackers will be able to directly obtain system permissions, the harm is very large.

Many cloud host users have the following situation: The server is vulnerable to DDoS or cc attacks can easily be paralyzed, the ARP attack is disconnected from the network for a long time, the system files are modified, the Web site on the cloud host is often created malformed directory, Web page files are modified, the site is vulnerable to SQL injection, the site was uploaded web Trojan , the website has been sending UDP packets, the Web site by the user multi-threaded download occupies a lot of resources, pictures and videos on the site and other resources were illegally stolen, database sensitive files were illegally downloaded, the Web container type was scanned so that has been attacked ... And so many headache problems make server security is not a bit of protection.

To solve these problems requires a comprehensive set of cloud host, which includes the system high-risk vulnerability check and repair, network port reinforcement and database hardening and other security policy settings. The thought of doing this, whether novice or old birds, are a big head of it? The novice said that he did not know how to do these things; the old bird's words are clear, these do not spend a small half a day at all.

Talk about the advent of secure cloud hosts:

Security Dog Team has been committed to server and Web site security business, in the face of more and more widely used cloud host security, the security Dog team has been highly valued. As users increasingly demand security cloud hosts, the security Dog team has decided to work with top cloud computing companies in the country to create secure cloud hosts.

Safe Dog Safe Cloud host after 12 reinforcement process carefully crafted. The overall detection of the server system, the repair of all the vulnerabilities and pitfalls, to the maximum extent possible to avoid the possibility of hacked server, compared with ordinary cloud host security directly increased several times!

is a security dog security expert in building a secure cloud host:

Addressing high-risk vulnerabilities

Network Port Hardening

IP Security Policy to avoid reverse link attacks

Database Hardening

System Account Protection

Prevent hacker attacks

The Safe Cloud Host:

Believe that many users have been hacked experience, once the host has been attacked, it will affect the normal operation of their systems and business, resulting in data loss or destruction. Security dog Security Cloud Host integration of various security features, in almost no server, website operation has an impact on the situation, to achieve anti-attack, anti-invasion, kill virus, anti-horse, anti-tamper, anti-injection, anti-violence and other functions.

The full-scale cloud era has pushed security to unprecedented heights, and traditional approaches to security have failed to meet the requirements of the cloud era. The security dog takes the industry leader's vision and the high priority to integrate its server-side security software and cloud security management platform, and the security cloud host access to the secure dog clothing cloud for 24x7 centralized management, real-time monitoring, real-time alarm, security and batch monitoring, statistical analysis, Remote management, such as one-stop security management services, which will help users significantly improve security management efficiency, reduce security management costs.

Cloud Host security issues can not be solved once and for all, the security Dog team will continue to work hard!

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The story behind the Safe Dog Security Cloud host

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