The story of entrepreneurship after the 80 s: Brothers, entrepreneurial failures

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When the development of the company entered a low point and a bottleneck, we also constantly adjusted our business ideas, adjusted the product structure, and once entered a stable development stage.

1. In terms of team Transformation: From: Design Department, marketing department, expanded to: Planning Department, customer service department, marketing department, and management department. In a short period of time, the staffing of each department was completed. At one time, a small company of three was developed into a team of more than 10 employees.

2. In terms of team building and business model: the following personnel will soon be ready to use through the master's apprentice mode, one by one, and one training. In addition, the business development model is also changed from single telemarketing to telemarketing combined with unfamiliar visits.

Iii. System Construction: various common rules and regulations such as attendance, Commission bonus, and evaluation rewards and punishments have been established.

(However, the profit distribution of the three shareholders has not been adjusted, but each of them has made a certain percentage of profit as a bonus and Commission for Employees.) After nearly six months of adjustment and cultivation, the company's staff are also basically stable, and the company is slowly getting out of the trough and entering a stable development period.

For future development, after Zhejiang fortune network, we developed a large talent recruitment website in the region-Jiaxing Work Network (the domain name was subsequently acquired by a large real estate website in the local area) taking him as a new direction for our future development (there was only one talent website in our place at that time, but in the eyes of our inner, the website had a fatal injury, there are also many technical vulnerabilities that need to be adjusted and improved. The most important thing is that they are always under the state of a third-party delegate. Therefore, we cannot identify and solve these problems for the time being. So we think it is an opportunity ). After six months of operation and upgrading, the popularity once surpassed that old talent network. For this reason, we have also formulated a "long-term, thorough, and detailed" Development Plan: traditional talent networks charge annual fees for enterprises, and individuals publish information free of charge. When the Internet was not fully popularized, this caused a small number of enterprises to be employed, but led to fewer recruitment positions, the random registration and publishing of individuals has resulted in a large amount of false information, making it difficult for companies to argue about the true and false, and the development prospects of websites are unclear.

At that time, when there was a serious oversupply of talents and a huge job pressure on graduates, if we could cooperate with major universities and integrate with the personnel department of the enterprise to help schools recommend graduates for employment, we think this will certainly be welcomed by the school because of the number of employees in security and the way they charge a single account. In order to improve the website's "gold content", we also designed an independent website for graduates to serve as a personal archive, which is maintained and updated by graduates themselves. On the one hand, this allows enterprises to obtain more detailed information about talents, on the other hand, it also integrates the "graduate Communication record" function, so that everyone will not lose contact after graduation, of course, at that time, we also thought about more functional modules of the website that we thought were helpful to schools, students, and enterprises.

In our opinion, this will not only squeeze out competitors, but also have stable talent reserves and incomes. For us, if these graduates can stay on this website for a long time, in the future, no matter what products we make, there will be great advantages (just like QQ ). In addition, in order to cooperate with the operation of the Talent network, we have specialized in recruiting designers to develop and operate local forums in the region as an online platform for us to communicate with individuals and enterprises.

In our opinion, this plan is almost perfect, and everyone has renewed their hopes. But at that time, we didn't realize that the real deep-seated problems were not solved by the "perfect plan.

The interest distribution structure of the three people at that time was as follows: the Commission and bonus are accrued based on sales. The ratio of the design bonus to the business commission is: 1: 2, I don't know if this statement is correct. What I want to express is: the designer's bonus is half of the Business Commission. At that time, one of the three of us designed two businesses, that is, if I have the same business volume as the shareholder in charge of another business, the three of us should have the same amount of bonus.

At the beginning, there was no problem when only three of us were there. But now, when the market shrinks and the profits are seriously reduced, the orders of the previous two salesmen can protect the workload of a designer, now, a designer can digest the orders of three, four, or more salesmen.

On the one hand, due to the decline in profits, the company has almost no profit after all commissions and bonuses are allocated. On the other hand, originally, most of the shareholders in charge of the business focused on bringing the team and assisting the salesman in market development, I spent a lot of time on sales skill training, company management, and website operations. Therefore, the time and energy for our two direct business development have become less and less, most of the company's design orders are completed by the design owner.

Therefore, the changes in earnings of the three individuals are obvious in the table during settlement! At this time, everyone's psychology has undergone subtle changes, but not everyone thinks that he is unreasonable. If everyone tries their best to work for the company, everyone thinks that they do not do less than others, or even pay more than others, which is also common.

Although no one has said this, when this balance of interests is broken and the market becomes increasingly difficult, our talent Network Development Plan has not made great progress, when the company's development direction changes, the negative atmosphere begins to fill in, and from the management level to all employees, so that in the next few months, the company's business fell, even a loss occurs.

It is easy to defeat the enemy and overcome yourself! That's right. No matter how hard the company was in its initial stage or when it was in its infancy, we were never defeated. Today we have our own team, our own development direction, and a stable customer base, with the hard and soft conditions that can not be compared in the past, the heart is lost.

As this atmosphere becomes more and more serious, in order to break this deadlock, I hope to find a way out for the company through cross-industry approaches. After repeating the gap with them, I will stop paying for it, as a part-time business person, I continued to develop business for the company, and went to a trading company of a friend full-time to take charge of the market development of a high-tech product. I hope that through a comprehensive understanding of new industries, new products, and new markets, I will be able to introduce new products that suit our company and bring the company out of the predicament. I did not think that this kind of self-thinking smart and "selfless" behavior led to the final division of brothers. Of course, at that time, I also felt very committed: I would rather give up my position as general manager for the sake of good company, and I would rather give up on how much of my income would be stable, and learn new products to find a way out for the company, why do you ignore it? However, if I look at this matter today, I think it is my reckless behavior that has led to the true occurrence of this tragedy. I am the initiator of this tragedy.

Because I was the initiator of the company at that time, their former boss, the current head of the company, all the company's rules and regulations, development plans, equity distribution, profit sharing, and so on, they are all developed under my leadership or participation. I am responsible for coordination and handling many problems they encounter. It can be said that I am an indispensable backbone of the company. Now, in the most difficult circumstances of the company, I should have stood together with them to face the problems that have been discovered and are imminent, and should be fundamentally resolved from the system. I think as long as it is for the good of the company and for the good of everyone, the brothers can still accept it. Instead of avoiding problems in order not to hurt your brother's face.

Maybe in their opinion, this is my intention to leave the company and find a way to leave them here! Therefore, my departure completely lost confidence and began to work out their respective ways in private. The following business staff were naturally confused when they saw that the management was not enterprising, start receiving a private ticket. While working here to receive wages and reimburse various expenses, I also turned to the designers hired by the company to "Digest" the orders of many companies in private ", we have already found a venue to register a company. At this time, the company has actually saved its name, and it has lost one month since it opened the account, so that all the remaining deposits (which were originally due to dividends of the three of our shareholders) have been lost.

I don't know how to deal with this situation. The impulse of a young man is coming up!

In fact, it is not easy for a group to be divided. It involves too many interests. As a result, many things were created and everyone was very unhappy (but I won't say much because there are too many issues related to the privacy of my two other siblings .), Years of brotherhood have ended, and it has since become a stranger. Even now, I feel very guilty and sad. What a wonderful three brothers!

The reason why I wrote this story is that many ambitious young people (like me at the time) want to succeed in their own business through their own entrepreneurship. However, due to the low social experience, I was brainwashed and poisoned by Lin's mind chicken soup and successful masters, without any work experience, social skills, interpersonal resources, or even no preparation, take the money that your parents have worked hard to earn, or make money by working hard, in a hurry, I joined the entrepreneurial army. Most of them ended in failure, but few were successful (except for those with background ).

I would like to persuade these young people a few times, but the Internet is already overwhelming, and I cannot give any success tips, so I want to see more entrepreneurs who have heard more successful inspirational stories. Maybe I want to take a look at my failed entrepreneurial journey and I will give you another warning and inspiration.

I would like to sincerely advise those who want to start a business:

1. It is best not to start a company with your best relatives or friends.

2. If you really want to do this, you must resolve all the problems that you can think of, especially the distribution of interests, the limitation of rights and responsibilities, and exit.

The Mechanism is fixed and written into the regulations, which is strictly observed in the business process.

3. If possible, it is best to open a limited liability company, risk control is within the company's scope; it is unlimited (system) responsibility to open a personal account instead of making a picture to save money, always consider that if you encounter an uncontrollable risk, do not join the family of your friends with other partners.

4. Do not engage in egalitarianism. The priorities and priorities are different. Whoever pays a lot of money will have a higher risk, and who has a higher language right, in addition, when you cannot unify your opinions on the same issue, it must be determined by the maximum risk owner.

5. If conditions permit, it is best to separate managers from investors. The most important person of you is responsible for managing and operating the entire company and giving him a line of permission, it is up to you to determine the permission. If you exceed this permission, it is up to several of your shareholders to discuss and decide. You only need to arrange an independent finance. You can hold regular shareholders' meetings and read financial reports. Or none of you will participate in the camp. You can also find a professional business company or professional manager.

My first business failed. I lost not only money, but also a brother who once shared difficulties and lost my great youth, but also gained a lot of valuable experience and lessons. This is just the beginning for me. I am still living and still need to start a business, I would like to share with you the things I 've experienced during my second "one man fighting" startup. I hope you will pay attention to them.



Entrepreneurship story after the 80 s: Brothers, entrepreneurial failures (transfer)

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