The story of programmers and product managers

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Abstract:Han said in chang'an chaos: "If you killed me, you would overspeed me. If you couldn't beat me, I would overspeed you. The editor sat in the corner of the office and watched the company's PM and programmers cut each other by a knife every minute. They had to work together to change their needs and began to struggle with the unclear definitions of their potential beliefs.

Any team has two sides that are entangled and intertwined with love and hate because of their work. The product managers and programmers of the technology company are unfortunately shot. In fact, the root cause of all their disputes is also very simple. It is nothing more than a demand, and the other party needs to implement it. Think about it, ifProgrammerMarried to the product manager, it must be the latter who said what they want to eat, and the programmer to do it silently, think about it well.

Product managers often complain in their hearts: products have to be improved frequently, and you still cannot finish the work at the specified time. I don't want to say you can't do it. I just want to change people, it saves me the trouble of making calls every day. If the company's programmers can always be like this:


Programmers often want to cry: if not ......, I quit early on. If the product manager can understand the working principles of the art, front-end, and backend, he should try not to change the demand; which day would be better:

In fact, product managers are likely to be transformed by programmers, and programmers have the potential of product managers, and may take the management line to become PM. In fact, everyone is for work, for money, there is no need to make any trouble, well, small make up is standing and talking does not hurt.

Every day for nearly ten hours, Qifeng is relatively poor, not to mention a step back to the sky, to the forefront: If you want to love each other, please restraint.

Product Manager vs programmer, life continues, and stories keep flowing.DavidWhat do you want to talk about? Well, this is a planning task. However, it has recently been said that they will do related topics! Another topic is required! There are also mysterious surprises! Don't let xiaobian know, even if the confidentiality should also let xiaobian know, sang Xin, cannot play happily, hum.

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