The story of the top ten data centers of the Year in 2017: data centers in 2017

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The story of the top ten data centers of the Year in 2017: data centers in 2017

The hybrid cloud partnership, large-scale public cloud collapse, the impact of cloud computing on the host hosting industry, and the design of ultra-large scale networks were one of the most popular stories in the data center industry in 2017.

10. Microsoft simulates the entire Azure network to prevent interruptions. In the case of ultra-large scale, copying an enterprise network is only for testing,

9. How cloud computing has changed the host hosting data center market-as cloud computing draws a smaller workload from hosting data centers and rents wholesale space, public clouds are causing structural changes in the market.

8. Google demonstrated Espresso and Its Edge Data Center SDN-the fourth one is the most challenging pillar of SDN strategy. Espresso will manage peer-to-peer performance.

Internet Data Center in Google data center in the city of kensbrafos, Iowa

7. Microsoft's cloud computing market share grew by more than any other company in the second quarter-Microsoft Azure accounted for 11% of the public cloud market share, and its market share increased by the largest, with a growth rate of 3% in the first four quarters.

Microsoft CEO Satya nadela delivered a speech at Microsoft's Global Partners Conference

6. how Microsoft Azure's Software Defined network works-Albert Greenberg, one of the leaders behind modern data centers and backbone networks, explains how Azure SDN is designed.

The fan wall of Microsoft's fifth-generation data center in kunxi, Washington

5. Why is HPE no longer willing to sell its servers to cloud computing giant-HPE decides that its products and equipment are not the business it wants, and focuses on high-profit products.

Microsoft customizes ECs through open source Computing Projects

4. AWS interrupted the Internet due to wrong commands-Amazon says this was caused by errors during routine debugging.

AWS Exhibition Hall at the CeBIT Digital Technology Fair in Hanover in 2016

3. who rented the most data center space in 2016? -Cloud computing companies pose a huge imbalance between supply and demand in the top data center market.

Dupont Fabros technology is located in the ACC7 data center in Ashburn, Virginia

2. After a power outage in the European data center, OVH split its container data center-OVH, saying, "This may be the worst situation we may encounter ."

1. What should I pay attention to when Google and Cisco sign a document to start heavy work-when the latest cooperation transactions in the hybrid cloud field begin to produce results?

Google's data center in gossel braves, Iowa

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