The strongest rain in history

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This afternoon, I gave tutoring to my relatives' children. Because my relative is on a business trip and cannot drive me back, he can only make a bus. Black, dark. There is a feeling of heavy rain, but I am too lazy to get an umbrella, holding a lucky ride on the bus. However, after 20 minutes, it finally proved that the person could not be lucky. It rained heavily. It should have been the biggest rain since I came to Baoding. Sitting on the bus, watching the heavy rain outside, there is a safe feeling. When I came out without an umbrella, I had to consider what to do with the destination. I was planning to go to the Headquarters (because the bus happened to pass through our school Headquarters) to ask for an umbrella, but looking at the heavy rain outside, I feel that God will not save so much rain, because I had to go to the destination for a while, so I didn't contact my classmates.
It turns out that today I shouldn't trust my feelings. After arriving at Heda new district, the rain not only did not stop, but was even bigger. No way. Run it. But what about mobile phones and MP3? That's all my family products! As soon as I saw that the fruit-selling master had not gone, I ran over to ask for a plastic bag and wrapped them up. Then I set out again. It takes 20 minutes to get from the station card to our lab, and we don't want to run any longer. The rain in front is not thin!
In this case, let's get rid of it. Slowly walk, the legendary noodle rain, this time I really saw it. There is no one at a glance. It feels quite comfortable. Looking at the teaching buildings, small lakes, and lotus flowers in the rain curtain, ah, I don't have such a beautiful style of writing. It's better than usual.
By the time the lab was done, the whole body was soaked. Take a hot bath.
Finally, I come to the conclusion that, in the summer, you must bring an umbrella out!

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