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An introduction to the talent interview

The opportunity to visit the "interview" to the uncle, the social recruit students should experience this activity, it asked to enter a week and another random small partners to interview a person. This is a very good event, through interviews with the talent, can solve some of the new questions, understand the company's basic environment, quickly into the team. As a result of work, had done some user interviews before, so just received this activity in the heart of the task is not panic, know that before doing interviews, need to do a lot of preparation work.

D1: Identify the interview target

As a new job, for us, the determination of the person is not easy, considering the time limit, the appointment may be rejected, so, need to find another 2-3 people as a standby. There are several ways to find the following:

Through the internal students to introduce

Search through intranet resources, such as popular article authors

Through their previous accumulation, into the job before they have already known the famous person.

On receiving this task, I first thought of Uncle Mark. About the standard uncle, not to say, in my vague understanding of interactive design, this is one of his deep influence on my article: "Tencent CDC standard Uncle Masterpiece!" I talked to the 10 years of interactive design.

D2: Preparing the Interview script

The interview, of course, is to do a prepared interview, the question to ask is best prepared in advance, to anticipate the interview scenario, to make specific ideas about possible questioning, and also include the process of warming, self-introduction, and finishing, which is also best written in advance, which will give you great confidence, It's not that you're just going to follow the script, but these things can immediately relieve you when you're nervous.

D3: Appointment

It's not appropriate to call directly. It is best to first through the mail or IM to the interview object message, tell him your situation, a brief introduction, "Talent" are generally busy, received mail or information may not be able to respond to you in time, you need to wait patiently. If he agrees, he can make an appointment with him for a good time and place.

D4-D5: Interview and organize

If the front is ready for more than enough, the implementation is quite simple things, at this time just as much as possible to relax themselves, like friends and talent to communicate, listen carefully, serious questions. This process is best also to do a recording, to facilitate the finishing. ———-the above is nonsense, the following is dry goods ———-

Q: How to quickly integrate as a new team?

The first is to appreciate people, the world of all kinds of human beings have, no so-called good or bad, but interesting and boring is able to distinguish between, do not give yourself a limit: I only make such friends, I only make that kind of friends. As a designer, it is important to be open to the mind. To learn to appreciate people: appreciate people's vulgar, appreciate the elegance of others. You will find that people are a very comprehensive entity. And the employees who are able to get in here have their own two brushes, so you just have to see the part that's best for you to stay. Also, I encourage you to live a bit more real. Then you think about this thing, a lot of small companies or state-owned enterprises, we are only superficially polite. In fact, after you get rid of that part of the courtesy, what the person should look like, in fact, in turn, so you will be more comfortable.

In such an atmosphere, frankly speaking, you live not so tired. This is a culture, come in such a collective, first you have to embrace it. There is a possibility that you are just shy, always think of everyone to see if I am not normal, the more so think you are more incompatible. The best way to do this is to treat everyone as a good friend and then do what you do in front of your friends. Everyone is very simple, especially designers.

Q: Before entering the job, I heard that there is a particular fancy for personal influence, how do you view this influence?

Don't rush this at first, because it's a natural result and you should be doing your job first. You see a job that is not only valuable to the client side. In fact, in a professional team, you do every thing, you have to think about, my experience, my lessons, my success, whether can also help others succeed? Even if you do not share, you can do a self carding, write some work on the summary, precipitation, on some platform to send out, so that everyone can see. This is the transparency of your work, and on the other hand, it is actually the perception of what you do to make it possible for those around you who have not done this project to benefit from your project.

From the new level, the first to do this most basic is very important, said more than you have a good habit, every week every week to write a summary, this is a self cultivation, self accumulation process. Just like, you often find some good material, and then you write your experience, slowly you can organize it into a structured knowledge system, then you will have influence.

Q: Does the influence of that person have anything to do with his character?

Everyone's character, in my opinion, is not good or bad in itself. You are in a team, if the team is sunny, you should not appear too incompatible. Character this thing is very difficult to say, some people naturally have affinity, some people are naturally serious, but this is the surface of things, if you sincerely treat everyone, no matter what form you use, he can feel.

So, under a team, there is a very important point is that you need to help others, do not need you to do this kind of skill, sincere help people, no matter what you say, the sense of form is almost good, everyone in the heart can understand. In terms of teamwork, you just need to be authentic. In terms of work, you must be serious, focus, focus on one thing, you have to do it well, do not perfunctory, basically your influence will be gradually.

Q: How do you plan your career as a designer?

First, there's a notion that I need to turn you around, if you are this kind of study with the purpose of learning, it may be counterproductive, do not need to devote a period of time to learn that a period of time to learn that, I am now more inclined to learn a thing, first of all "inaction", you see where to learn, Do not pay special attention to it this belongs with the research, which belongs to the design, which belongs to the technology. You want to imagine that the company is only you, as the founder, as much as possible to absorb all the knowledge, which is not to say that you become a development, become a financial staff, become a legal, you just need to maintain a curiosity, this is the most important.

That is, do not resist anything, do not take the purpose to learn, with the purpose of learning is really likely to backfire. It's not like I have 3 hours to do something this week. I'm going to have to learn some more about psychology. I'll learn something else next time. The real master, like the war, everyone in the actual combat exercise, that is, you with the problem of learning is the best. You are very focused on doing things, when you are confused a little bit, you find that a little knowledge to supplement the good, do you think this is a psychological problem? Do you think this is a problem with research? Do you think this is the technical threshold of development? Do you think it's a matter of cost? Or is this a strategic issue? If you think of these questions, you naturally think, in this dimension, if I am ... "Product Manager" How do I think, if you have the ability to think, you will be able to switch roles in the course of one day, and one second you are still thinking about interacting with each other, The next second you will think about how he will be from the technical point of view, and then the next second will think about how the product manager will see me this solution, you try to challenge yourself.

This kind of learning, I would suggest, if the chance coincidence, for example, around just useful research students, I will quickly communicate with them, explore some with the knowledge of research, if the side is the development, then do not miss any chance to consult with them, such as the server's mass storage will be how Ah, Now the company's storage technology and the original comparison of what the innovation Ah, ask more about it, do not too deliberately to do some of the plan, and do not have the purpose of particularly strong to learn. Learning this thing, once the goal is particularly strong, in my opinion, it is too utilitarian, for the study, too utilitarian words will be blind to some of the things you can not see, easy to limit themselves, because you preset a result, no results may be the best results. Because many of the problems of discrimination and to understand, is suddenly enlightened by that, you will be very difficult to use science and engineering ideas 1 plus 1 equals 2 that thinking, artistic creation class things, are not regular, you only keep accumulating accumulation, from quantitative change to a qualitative change, but who do not know that the qualitative change is in which moment, The only thing you have to do is keep accumulating, accumulation is not to have a special purpose said I must how how, must suppress 1 days 2 days, must think of an innovative program, innovative plan is not to come out.

Therefore, from this point of view, learning it must be the first to do nothing, other words do not particularly utilitarian, the 3rd is also very important, is that you must know and you deal with the up and down, what they are background, you'd better be able to take their things to learn. Because the company has a lot of things to learn, as a design background, I really encourage you to participate more in the technical training, management training, product planning training, the company has a lot of such a monthly meeting, lectures, famous speakers, is going to be good, I have the greatest impact on the speech, frankly, are not in the professional field of speech, It's a speech outside the field, and it's going to be a lot of inspiration for what I'm doing right now.

Q: How can you be so bull like some other cows?

This is not forced, everyone has their own gifts, as I can not do their kind of multithreading transactions, in turn, I am more likely than they focus on my thinking, you see, I sometimes meetings, on a mobile phone, also do not carry a notebook. That is, you have to look for a more efficient way to fit yourself.

For example, some people are the midnight glow, then you may be 9 to 10 in the morning is the most energetic time, then use it. I think a lot of times, you don't just look at other people's form, it's important to know what's behind those actions. For example, he makes a good speech, he starts in three minutes, you only know what he wears to do gestures, that is not the key, the key is that he attracted you or suddenly remind you of that, such as this person talk makes me very comfortable, eh? Then why does he talk to make me feel comfortable? You have to think about it, what he did. ? In that case you'll learn something. That's what I meant.

In fact, the cow is not the level how high, but there are some very ordinary people around, you see his advantages at least you have not seen in others, such people you particularly appreciate him. Not only to appreciate him, but also to think, how can I do like him, with such a mentality, you learn quickly. Emulate, it is simpler to say, but frankly speaking, so many years, I see everyone's study is not so efficient, there is a reason is: they can not become a good teacher, you can not like yourself, you will only look at others.

As designers, you have to be very independent, your insights are important, anytime, you have to be very sensitive to find, such as this person's speech is very good, what he does can make me feel that he is a very trustworthy person, then he began to contact with me, you have to often go to the pan, is to reflect on the process, Every day you close your eyes and think: Oh, I'm not doing as well as he is, so what's the next time I can use these skills? This is really progress every day. Do not learn things really do not care, because the things you learn is really too much, people this lifetime energy is limited, you can master others good many aspects, but also don't lose yourself.

Q: What is the most attractive place for the company?

In terms of the individual, the most basic level of space and return, first of all, your partner, is the whole company's large environment, the experience is really more important, this is not an empty talk, not to say with the purpose of making money, is really think the user value is ranked first, you will be able to feel. Of course, there are some time periods you will feel: I want to make money, I have KPI pressure. But aside from these very short-term actions, overall environment, I have not found a company in China will be more concerned about the user's feelings and experience, you happen to be an interactive designer, but also the user-centric to think about your interactive program, then you will be less resistance, and, relatively speaking, They will also recognize the value of your work.

In addition, the company itself is in a period of rapid development, for individuals, the opportunity is also relatively large, but, for a designer, the easiest to leave is the first three years, is the feeling that they have learned, there are many opportunities outside the temptation to go out wages doubled, or people are very envious of the title, I think, You are not in a company for 3-5 years, you really don't know a company specifically, really learn the essence of things. As an ordinary employee, you see and as a grassroots manager, the world you see as a senior manager is different; as a newcomer, you see a company like this, three years later, you see another look, this feeling, the more you can see in the back of the whether this is suitable for your long-term development, Not everyone is fit.

Q: What are some interesting experiences?

Interesting experience is quite a lot, this experience should be everyone. I think what you might be concerned about is whether or not you threw yourself into your team and if you really threw yourself into your team and those things, it would be fun for you to see it for half a year.

For example, when you really care about a thing, you do it all night and night, you will have a lot of unconventional behavior, do not say to the nine-to-five to work, you may be late to go home, you will play a week of taxis home, very late, it will feel very bitter, but look back, you will be very proud, If this thing is really going to work out. Well, I was very impressed by what I've been doing here for a week, celebrating at the same time online 30 million, you will think: 30 million, the next 30 million do not know when, the results of less than 40 million, you will find that this is a very rapid growth of an industry, it is interesting that the people at that time together in the middle of the night bitter Force, Go for a snack, and then have nothing to wander around, this will become a very good memory. 10 of these people are now 2 and others are gone, but this does not preclude the impression that it is in your head.

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