The superiority of 80 ton closed cooling tower of Wuling Branch

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The superiority of 80 ton closed cooling tower of Wuling branch:


Increased cooling capacity and abundance of heat exchange coils;

The company's original style grille, wind and sand drift into the sun, to prevent the breeding of bacteria and algae;

Heat exchange coil adopts 22MM diameter, wall thickness 0.6mm of deoxidation T2 high quality copper;

Fan adopts direct-linked axial fan, aluminum alloy blades, with high strength, large air volume, low energy consumption, small noise, characteristics.

Motor Protection class: IP55 class, Insulation class: Class F

Penrhyn Pump adopts high quality mechanical shaft pump without steering limit, no leakage, long life. Durability

①lkh Series closed cooling tower heat exchange coil adopts deoxidation T2 high quality copper tube, has strong corrosion resistance and can prolong the whole life of cooling tower;

② tower Outer Plate, spray water tank, fan air cylinder are made of high-quality FRP film as a whole, to minimize the problem of joint leakage; all structural parts in the tower body are treated with hot dip galvanizing of carbon steel, which effectively improves the anticorrosion performance of the equipment. Maintainability

The superiority of 80 ton closed cooling tower of Wuling Branch

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