The table formula operation in WPS text is cleverly used

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In the work or study, often in the WPS text inserted tables to enhance persuasion. We know that when you insert a table in Word, it's not as simple as in a table, but a table inserted in the WPS text can do a simple formula and see what's going on here.

Here's a description of the formulas in the table:

1, the product: In the common toolbar in the "Quick calculation" button does not quadrature operations, but we can manually enter the formula. In the table above, position the cursor in the cell where the overtime pay is John, press CTRL+F9 to insert the field, enter "=e2*f2" in the curly braces, and then click F9, which shows "100". Alternatively, if multiple cell Mercer multiply, you can also use the Quadrature function (product), such as John Overtime can be changed to "=product (E2:F2)".

Table formula

2, not continuous sum: If John's "Total" item, is the basic salary, the living allowance, the hardship subsidy and the overtime pay and so on 4 items of sum, but if uses the commonly used toolbar the "Sum" button, then will "overtime standard" and "the Overtime Day" also add, does not conform to the actual situation. What do we do? We position the cursor in the John "Total" item, press CTRL+F9, insert a field, enter "=sum (B2:D2,G2)", and then press F9 to get the correct result.

3, Graphics mode: If you think that the above manual input more trouble, you can also take a graphical model to calculate. Position the cursor in the cell where you want to generate the results, and then select fields from the Insert menu to bring up the Fields Setup Panel.

You can generate canonical functions and formulas in the field codes column by selecting formulas under domain name, and selecting the appropriate number format, Paste function, and table range in the auxiliary item on the right.

This is the WPS text inserted in the table, you can do a simple formula operation. The formulas in the table include quadrature, discontinuous summation, graphic mode. These basic calculations, to a certain extent, can help users save unnecessary trouble. The above tips hope to help you.

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