The teacher easily inquires the students ' grades in the form

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At school, often at the end of the semester, the parents ran to the school to find a teacher to consult their children's final exam situation, teachers also in order to cope with the thick of the results of this, a page of the search, in fact, the use of WPS table can be quite easy to solve the relevant query problems, eliminating all the time to turn the book. as follows:
Effect Preview

① make the relevant data and enter the formula in cell H3: " =vlookup (h2,b4:e21,2,0) VLOOKUP : Finds the specified value in the first column of a table or array of values, and returns the numeric value at the specified column in the current row of the table.

Figure 1

cell H4, H5 the same input, the formula changes according to the corresponding situation.

② =sum (H3:H5) "
> Figure 2

③ =average (h3:h5) " "

Figure 3

Figure 4

④ "in the evaluation" One column (cell H8) Enter the judgment formula: " =if (h7>=60, pass, fail) "

finally make the table slightly beautified. The

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