The teaching of the novice construction station three: Search engine optimization and website update

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Then yesterday's "novice construction station teaching two: Site content settings layout and keyword selection" to continue today's course, the front has been written to you two of novice construction station teaching, I believe we have a certain understanding of the construction station, today we will learn how to do a good job search engine optimization and website updates.

Search Engine optimization believe that you webmaster early and for, a site's high and low traffic is the SEO optimization to do good, a high volume of visits to the site is necessarily optimized to do a very good job, but for us beginners to start to say we still from the simple.

We said yesterday that we'd set the keyword and the long tail keyword, then we should start to promote, for the novice you must not know how to do this search engine optimization, novice can go to A5, Chinaz, laggards these webmaster large forum to publish their own external links, And then write one of their own site experience and then posted in these several forums, words do not have to write too much about 500 words, after the release of basically half an hour search engine will be included in your original writing, then Baidu Spider will also follow your release of the original crawling to your site to crawl the content of the page, Next we will be the content of their own site to step by step to improve the good, of course, the content of the site to their original, false original supplemented, if there is no too many problems, good luck Baidu included in about a few hours can be included in your site's home page of our first step is also taken.

Next we go to find some similar sites for the exchange of friendship links, about a day to exchange 10 or so friendship links is enough, but we had better check the first time although we are new station will certainly have a lot of webmaster not willing to exchange with us, then we should look for the same new site, As long as the other side of the site is not the Baidu penalty or Baidu snapshot in 7 days outside of our exchange, now we first to the site's external link number to upgrade up.

Basically, SEO early every day in accordance with the above said to do almost, and then is to adhere to the site's daily update, the novice to update the site is certainly not a problem, because all with the blood of the construction station and promotion, but more to the back of many stationmaster has produced the lazy psychology, In particular, the search engine has not recently included in your site such a site, webmaster will be more discouraged and not to update, in fact, the new station in the search engine are there is an observation period, the general observation period of one months or so long even to three months, so in this period we spell is patience and perseverance, As long as you can adhere to the site update every day, then wait until the observation period over Baidu will give you a good ranking, so here to warn you novice webmaster must have not abandoned the spirit of not giving up to build a station only so you can get the final return.

Well, that's all I have to say today. Although the knowledge is not too much but very wide, to do the above two points for the rookie who just built the station still has a certain challenge, but challenges to the challenges we can not give up and back, so since we have chosen webmaster This ranks then we must not give up.

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