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The small part of the above has told you how to insert a picture in a WPS demo, but when making a presentation, often inserts some image of the shape of a picture to represent a meaning, the following small series tells you how to insert an AutoShape in the WPS demo.

First open the WPS presentation, where you can click to select the desired graphic, as shown in the following illustration:

Optional pictures

After clicking on a graphic in the above operation, your cursor will become a cross shape.

Press the left mouse button and drag the cursor to drag out the graphics you choose, while you can change the shape of the menu bar style color, outline and text color.

These are the steps to insert an AutoShape in a WPS demo. First choose the shape you want, and then in the blank of the slide, draw the size, after that is to the graphics to fill the color, text color adjustment and so on, so you can see their own production of graphics.

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