The technology needed to develop MIS system

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A, b/s structure

b/S Structure browser/server browser/server mode, is the web after the rise of a network structure mode, Web browser is the client's most important application software. This mode unifies the client, and the core part of the system function is centralized to the server, which simplifies the development, maintenance and use of the system.

To run Tomcat on the server side, provide a link database service for Java code to read and write data, which can be configured to run in Eclipse. The browser interprets markup elements in the JSP or HTML format for display.

Second, Tomcat

The Tomcat server is a free open source Web application server, which belongs to the lightweight application server and is widely used in small and medium-sized systems and concurrent access users, and is the first choice for developing and debugging JSP programs. For a beginner, it can be thought that when the Apache server is configured on a single machine, it can respond to requests for access to the HTML (one application under the standard Universal Markup Language) page. The tomcat part is actually an extension of the Apache server, but it runs independently, so when you run Tomcat, it actually runs as a separate process from Apache.

When configured correctly, Apache serves HTML pages, while Tomcat actually runs JSP pages and Servlets. In addition, like a Web server such as IIS, Tomcat has the ability to handle HTML pages, and it is also a servlet and JSP container, and the standalone servlet container is the default mode for Tomcat. However, Tomcat is less capable of handling static HTML than the Apache server.

Third, JSP

JPS Java Server Pages,java Server page, insert the Java program Segment (scriptlet) and JSP tag (tag) in the traditional Web page HTML file (*.htm,*.html) to form a JSP file with the suffix name (*.jsp). Web applications developed with JSP are cross-platform and can run on Linux and other operating systems. Implements the Java extension in HTML syntax (in <%,%> form). JSP, like a servlet, is executed on the server side. Usually returned to the client is an HTML text, so the client can browse as long as there is a browser.

JSP technology uses the Java programming language to write tags and scriptlets of class XML to encapsulate the processing logic that produces dynamic Web pages. Web pages can also access the application logic of resources that exist on the server through tags and scriptlets. JSP separates the Web page logic from the display of the web design, supports reusable component-based design, and makes the development of Web-based applications quick and easy. JSP (JavaServer pages) is a dynamic page technology whose main purpose is to separate the presentation logic from the servlet. Java servlet is the technical foundation of JSP, and the development of a large Web application requires Java servlet and JSP mates to complete. JSP has the simple and easy-to-use Java technology, completely object-oriented, platform-independent and safe and reliable, mainly for the internet all the characteristics.
JSP between the HTML and Java sense, can write input boxes and other elements, can also write Java, and HTML is only responsible for display.
From the perspective of the browser analysis, each request to refresh the page, server-side Tomcat Analysis Java statements, the information from the database is called to the previous segment display. For example, when you log in you can see your personal information, is based on your account from the database check. If you want to change, you have to provide the input box, which is written in JSP or HTML. If an input box cannot be entered in English, it involves functions and events. Increase the Onpress event for this input box, triggering a function each time you press the keyboard. Functions are JavaScript, and jquery can be used. Fill in the good information click Save, Trigger event, the past value of each input box, submitted to the next JSP page, write Java statements, submitted to the database. You can also call Ajax on this page.

The technology needed to develop MIS system

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