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Long time no talk about the designer workplace, today said back to the eternal problem: engineers and designers of the 1 pixel dispute. Designers think that a pixel is critical, must be changed, engineers think that the fuss, energy is not spent on the blade, and some designers are also easy to be frustrated, if you are one of them, recommended to see how the code designers to solve this matter.

@JingDesign: No intention to provoke the so-called contradictions between the posts, until today when I saw such an article, yes, this is an article about the program Ape and design The lion, the origin is this, a netizen in a community raised a question:

The developer refuses to restore the design in accordance with the UI annotation, how to make him understand the importance of precise restore, so as to modify the code?

When a development engineer asks repeatedly, "What's the point of letting me move 1px here, why should I waste my time doing this" and when I refuse to change, how can I let this development understand and realize the importance of the change?

Why a lot of visual designers in China for those who look very small, even trivial, but for the designer is still very important details chasing engineers to modify, a list of problems, but not the engineer positive response? For example, listen to a colleague who introduced Frog Engineers will be able to develop their own software to check the design restore to modify them in order not to affect the visual designer's work.

What's behind it? is the design of another product so difficult? Is it because the designer doesn't understand the code? Is it the aesthetic consciousness of some technical staff or the big factory mentality or something? What is the time or opportunity to solve this situation?

Well, unsurprisingly, the top answer is this.

Limited to space, full text can be right-stamped view:

Throughout the article, the author spared no effort to slander and ridicule the designer, and even transfer the topic, the article wrote:

For software development, the work of the Code farmers is necessary. The designer's job is optional.

No one does the design, the software can also be used. In fact, in the flat today, a lot of development such as iOS, the system default template although not look, but it will not be a hair embryo room. But no one is writing code, that is not fart.

The importance of work determines who listens to whom. It's so simple.

Well, after reading the static, the only feeling is that this is a triad or ego feel too good? If the user group determines the quality of the answer, I do not doubt that, in addition to the community to express a little bit of resentment, electrostatic also want to the reality of the designer and development of the relationship to write a bit of their own experience and experience.

First of all, the position of static electricity is a designer, understand a bit of code and products.

The origin of 1 pixels, change and do not change?

As a responsible designer, a pixel for them, the weight is not important, if not important, that static electricity that this is not a qualified designer, because this is the designer's job;

If it is important, some people will say, there is no perfect thing in the world, Ann, and do not change is not a big deal, don't toss it!

When they go to help develop and want to get rid of this problem, development may say, change this workload is very big, need a lot of time, moreover just a pixel problem, no big impact, don't change.

Product manager said: "Our ultimate goal is to ensure product rapid iteration, to ensure that the core function is no problem." 1 pixel need not adjust, waste time.

Don't toss it, don't toss it, don't toss it!

This time want to open the designer will give up such a persistent, although the heart is unwilling, but also helpless, thinking: do not change it, all things are not perfect.

Over time, a pixel problem is getting more and more. Eventually, when hundreds of thousands of pixel problems accumulate together, one day, the user said, "How can this software be so ugly?" What did you do with your designs?

Everyone around the designer: "This is your design problem, you can not design it?" You have a problem with your level! Attitude is a problem! "

Designer: "... ”

I think this is what happened to all of us, and eventually a messy piece of software (Web page) is so online. As for the market response, you know ...

I think this time the designer must have 10,000 grass mud horse in the Pentium.

A rotten product is the result of countless compromises and a pixel mismatch. In today's product homogeneity serious situation, the user will naturally choose the interface beautiful and easy-to-use products.

No one does the design, the software can also be used?

Yes, it can be used, no one to do the design, the software is absolutely available, is to use a very tangled. To raise a chestnut, when mankind is still in ancient times, the big people are eating raw meat, no one feels wrong. What happened later, there is a love toss people say to everyone: "That what, in fact, roast meat better eat yo ~", I guess there are a lot of him said: "You blind yarn Ah, raw meat is delicious, eat raw meat is enough, eat baked more trouble!". But in the end, the cooked meat was beaten to the flesh, and it turned out that no one was eating raw meat. Static electricity want to say is, do not do not can not, but do not meet the people's increasing aesthetic needs. People not only have to eat, but also to eat, and then eat the delicious.

The value of design exists. As for the remarks of someone on X, the program is a must, and the design is optional. Static electricity In addition to hehe, but also want to release the taunt skills: "In fact, the program is not optional, because eating is optional, alive is optional, other God horse, all special Mody hell!" said the man.

What are you doing when a designer starts to write code and the programmer starts to try to design?

In fact, a pixel problem is not a problem, in the designer to complete the design manuscript, design carefully, marked clearly in the case, the developer in accordance with the design manuscript, the degree of reduction is very high, basically can reach 80% to 90%, this time some small details, Electrostatic advice as a designer of everyone actively and develop communication and coordination to solve the problem, I believe that most developers are very willing to help us solve the problem. On the other hand, in the process of communication, designers also need to understand how the developer works with the developer to reproduce the design manuscript, how the code is written, how the layout is reasonable, where it can avoid the problem, and which can be solved with the developer.

Electrostatic in the app development process, the computer is installed in the same operating environment as the developer (Xcode), and use Git to keep the code synchronized with the developer's code. This helps us to understand the process of software generation, when necessary, we can learn some of the tricks of the style adjustment, for designers, this learned more things to help design manuscript implementation, for developers, they must be very welcome to do so, because there is a side of the same will write some code, Help them solve their problems rather than ask questions and throw them at the people they don't care about. So the good base friend was born.

In this process, a very good phenomenon is taking place, because of the progress of your relationship, as a designer you, when the programmer encounters color or some simple picture problems, you can be very convenient to help him, or even help him to install a Photoshop slowly teach him to do some simple graphics processing.

In this way, mutual cooperation and harmonious communication is produced. What are you doing at this time? Are you writing a sour polemic, or are you endlessly complaining about each other?


Excellent designers and developers: communication and mutual understanding

In fact, we have been emphasizing communication, what is communication, communication between the two sides is called communication, unilateral explanation, but indifferent, not called communication. We previously assumed that designers and developers were reasonable and that the gas field was not so contradictory. But what if the gas field doesn't fit? or is the other person unwilling to change to 1px? The reason may be:

1, the design of the manuscript is not cautious, frequent changes, designers, please imagine to do things to the client to vomit blood when the scene.

2, if the design manuscript is cautious, the annotation is complete, but always restores the degree to be lower, low to you cannot endure. So in addition to communication, there is a problem of ability and attitude before you. If we say the first run-in, we can try to communicate, in the case of both sides are good, the other side is generally willing to help, there is a situation, this is the most concerned about the problem is that the other side of the extreme do not cooperate, this time we need to help pm or your leader as an intermediary to coordinate, successfully resolve the contradictions, remember, In this case, the designer should not be too partners who, otherwise Sando Mamang, the result is a lose-lose.

3, when the designer to do the second section of the description to achieve understanding and understanding of the situation, but the other side is still extremely do not cooperate, resulting in product problems, this time is not a designer can solve, I believe that your superiors or leadership will have a more in-depth understanding of the situation and judgment. All you have to do is to do your job perfectly, without any flaws. Because the quality of the final product is not you can control the, let its natural. Find your own sense of achievement through other forms.

4, there is no perfect bug feedback and quality control mechanism, the problem is attributed to the difference of individual cognition rather than the standardization of the process.

5, poor communication. I know the designer you're talking about change. But development may be "...

To our dear Developers

We know that you are very busy, every day to face countless code to look at the eyes, countless bugs need to be modified, but I would like to learn a little bit of code to share your pain.

We know that you are not a low explosive tasteless code madman, your heart must have the pursuit of perfection.

Please understand that communication is two-way, many times, we need you to tell the code of the designer, how to do better.

We know that simple and elegant implementation of the high efficiency of the code is your lifelong pursuit, but work with the designer to modify a pixel problem, perhaps also very interesting?

Our ultimate goal is the same, make a satisfying product. Believe in the professionalism of the designer, though you may be more talented than he is.

Designers are happy to help you install gadgets on your computer that make it easier for you to develop your interface.

Please do not say: "The program will be PS, what art do?" It hurts the heart.

To yourself--a designer who works for 1 pixels

Strict demands on themselves, must be true. Please treat yourself with every design manuscript and 1px each.

If you have been ravaged by party A's perverted customers, please consider how you treat "Party B" as party a now.

If a pixel can be adjusted once, then do not tune two times, if repeatedly adjusted repeatedly, it is best to develop an apology, and then learn how to tune themselves.

Learn simple code, they are not so difficult, and even fun, try to help engineers, let them install a development environment on your computer, I believe they are happy to help you.

Our ultimate goal is the same, make a satisfying product. Trust the Professional level of the developer, though you may be more talented than he is.

Please be assured that the distinction between future occupations will become increasingly blurred. You are such a writing code of the designer, perhaps a design of the product manager, let them envy it.

Try to believe that every developer is cute and kind. If you can't believe the last sentence, please don't give up looking.

Finally, I love every work seriously, understand the progressive, have the pursuit of designers and development engineers.

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