The things that Oracle installs

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New PC Software Installation sequence: Iis-vs (server does not install VS can install. netframework)-office-Database

The Oracle installation is divided into servers and clients, and the server can be installed in either the service or the virtual machine, which makes no difference.

Server-side installation is a server installation package, the client installs the client installation package, can not be confused (Error installation is not available).

Some server-side installation packages may be two unpacking packages that need to be placed under the same folder for installation, or "Cannot find the specified file" error during installation.

The account is recorded at the time of installation and will be used later. (ps:oracle password rules are set to uppercase + lowercase letters + numbers)

Plsql installed on the client

Errors encountered and solutions: Error ORA-12154 Unable to resolve the specified connection identifier (local area network Other user error occurred while IIS was published)If the installation is not completely removed, the final installation path: App\administrator\product\11.2.0\client_2\network\admin\tnsnames.ora needs to be modified. 2. Forget about Oracle's SID resolutionThe host name is the IP of the server or the machine name SID that writes the SID that was entered when the Oracle was installed (the importance of logging the account information during installation. ) K1. Can enter the server to view the registryStart typing regedit view Hkey_local_machine\software\oracle\key_oradb11g_home1\oracle_sid K2. viewing ora filesLocate the Oracle installation disk and locate the file under the following path Oracle\product\10.2.0\dbhome_1\network\admin\tnsnames.ora K3. Querying by SqlplusSqlplus/as sysdba Show Parameter instance_name listening programIt may not have started the listening service and started oracleoradb11g_home1tns on the server side. ListenerThe service may be a listening address error, App\administrator\product\11.2.0\client_2\network\admin\tnsnames.ora modified.

(address = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (HOST = server ) (PORT = 1521))
(Connect_data =
(SERVER = dedicated)
(service_name = database space name )

If the local IP address changes, you need to add or modify the original address on the server side of the file.

In fact, in the installation process may be a problem can not be met, may be all the strange problems encountered. But it doesn't matter, the problem always has a solution, internet Baidu, to help experienced seniors ... Can solve the problem of a lot of scenarios, not necessarily have to re-install the computer reload software to solve. Even experienced Oracle problems can be overwhelming, so hopefully new people will feel at ease. (This is also written to yourself, the first installation of Oracle completely flying blind, a person in a small corner crying out, but it doesn't matter ah, now all have been resolved, the past. )

The things that Oracle installs

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