The thinking of software engineering

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I am a junior student in computer science and technology. Time flies, in a twinkling of an eye on the next semester. College so long, in fact, I am the professional of my specific not too know, for their future development is not a specific

Planning. We have learned a lot of professional courses also have many doors, but I do not have the knowledge of the subjects, knowledge is more scattered, but also not used.

This semester opened a software engineering course, for such a new and unfamiliar class I also have a lot of questions.

1, I have always been interested in the program with the interface, but I have never contacted, in fact, I do not know where to start, this semester to learn whether software engineering will be exposed to this knowledge.

2, we learn the software is and before like to do a lesson set to achieve a function? But how to encapsulate the code into a user's software.

3, software engineering and the previous courses we learned have any specific links.

4, the computer network learning time is only back a variety of protocols, the specific network mechanism is not too understand. So what is the connection between the software and the Internet? Like QQ, is how to network.

The above is my current problem, for software engineering is not too understanding, later in the study encountered a variety of problems, and then one by one proposed.

I don't know much about software engineering, and I want to be able to have a deep understanding of it through the course of this semester. The problems raised can also be solved perfectly, but also hope that they can make more mature software, and get everyone's approval.

The thinking of software engineering

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