The third development path for senior programmers

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Programmers generally have two development routes: technical routes and management routes. In fact, there is also a very good path for both prospects and money scenes: consulting teachers. Kile software is about to start recruiting technical instructors and middle-level managers of the Instructor Team: technical department managers. These two positions are particularly suitable for open-minded programmers or team leaders who have certain C/C ++ programming experience and want to seek a broader development space. This phase is only available in Guangzhou.

Kile software is a professional provider of quality and efficiency technologies. "quality and efficiency technology" refers to tools, methods, and services that help software development organizations improve quality and efficiency. Unit testing is the key to improving the quality and efficiency of software development. Kile adopts the strategy of "finding the starting point, taking root, spreading the results, and developing the results, with enough focus and patience in the unit testing field, the C/C ++ visual unit testing tool named visualt unit was developed, after three years of initial development and five years of application testing and improvement, this tool has become an easy-to-use, efficient, and mature product. Kile has created the vtdd development model (Visual Test-driven development). vtdd can greatly improve code quality, reduce coding debugging time, and reduce programming labor intensity. Kile's core service is "Tools + consulting". Specifically, it uses unit testing/vtdd as the starting point and works with other process improvement methods and tools based on the customer's objective conditions and characteristics, formulate quality and efficiency improvement solutions, guide customers to promote, solve problems encountered, and form habits and systematize to truly achieve the goal of quality and efficiency leap. Technical instructors are responsible for investigating, developing solutions, guiding implementation, training, and solving problems. They work in small teams.


The instructor position has the dual advantages of engineers and sales personnel: both in terms of technical development, can also receive generous project bonuses from similar sales personnel, and can develop communication and presentation skills, and expand network connections.


There are also many future development choices for Instructors:
Instructor route: Instructor instructor> senior instructor> expert> Senior expert.
R & D path: Kile will develop more quality and efficiency related tools based on the Visual Unit technology. Instructors will have the advantage of fully understanding the customer's needs and will become the best talent of the development team.
Management path: In addition to the management positions of the Instructor Team, Kile will develop development/testing outsourcing services based on its own quality and efficiency advantages, as an experimental base and teacher training base for new tools and new methods, a large number of management talents are also required.
Stepping Stone route: Kile is happy to train talents in quality and efficiency for the software industry. If you become an expert in quality and efficiency and have extensive connections, think about whether it will be welcomed by many outstanding enterprises?


The instructor has been trained for about three months before taking up his post. The content includes: tool usage and problem solving, process improvement technology, management improvement technology, training ability, communication ability, presentation ability, business etiquette, etc. In the future, we will also provide training on improving the professional quality based on our work conditions and various development trainings based on our career plans.


Kaile has more practical requirements on talents, and does not focus on academic qualifications or qualifications. However, it places great importance on potential, professionalism, service awareness, and team awareness. I am not HR. I just want to provide some information for interested friends. If you meet the following requirements, you can send your resume to Wangtong $ (replace $ @)), I will recommend to HR:
1) more than two years of C/C ++ development experience;
2) I believe that I can become an excellent instructor after training;
3) intended long-term development in the field of software quality and efficiency;
4) willingness to travel frequently;
5) apply for a technical department manager. You must have at least one year of team management experience and have the training and organizational skills.
Address: Jinshan building, Wushan Road, Guangzhou.

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