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Advertising | Online three born in the 70 's founder Kim You, the Chinese and Western Hao history and Ming Mingliang, respectively, from South Korea, Japan and China, formed a network, through the Internet will be China's two or three-line city of local television stations and radio joint into a platform, users can DIY through the remote online, Customize your own advertising and airtime and pay online.

Almost every innovation in the Internet can be found in the Chinese version of the deduction, such as Google and Baidu, ebay and Taobao, Tudou makes people naturally Lenovo YouTube. Interestingly, some local companies are no less powerful than the first imitators in China.

Base billion advertising media company founder, CEO Kim You also not shy of their own founder billion inspiration from the United States, the first online advertising agency SpotRunner. Neven, one of the company's investment bosses, has been abuzz with the American media for her underground romance with Chinese film star Zhang Ziyi.

With the SpotRunner investment from a number of "Giants" consortium different, billion as the first domestic online advertising agency investors do not have a prominent background. Three born in the 70 's founder Kim You, Chinese and Western Hao history and Ming Mingliang, respectively, from South Korea, Japan and China, behind the base billion also has a Japanese wind cast figure.

However, the same is the prospect. Based on the internet, China's two or three-line city of local television stations and radio joint into a platform, users can DIY through the remote online, customized their own advertising methods and broadcast time and pay online. And SpotRunner has just been the United States famous magazine "Business 2.0" as the 2007 's most potential of the 25 companies across the United States.

Of course, for just the birth of the billion, transnational advertising giants of the encroachment, local radio stations, television stations of the semi-official nature, may be to kill the ugly duckling to become a swan's unfavorable factors.

Advertising DIY

Shanghai Jiading, a toy manufacturer, thought of Nanjing TV station to put ads. They occasionally found on the Internet of the basic billion DIY advertising production methods, through a number of simple network operations, immediately under the online intent to order.

The production and airing of a TV advertisement often requires super patience. In general, advertising agencies will first help customers out of a creative solution, after the program is passed, then the production of script and valuation to provide customers. If the production budget is usually about 10% of the broadcast cost. A reasonable valuation should include shooting equipment, venues, props, clothing, film crews and music, stunt and other production costs, production company profits, taxes and so on.

Of course, such a scheme does not necessarily get a one-time customer recognition. Often it takes a lot of saliva to start filming and then broadcast it in about the right time.

"Many people are afraid of trouble and are afraid to spend money. "So they are more likely to customize an ad module and a psychological-priced TV session and column online for themselves, and they will be able to see the advertising screen quickly," Kim You said. ”

At present, the base billion can be within 48 hours for advertisers "tailor-made" ads. Through with the international professional material Company's cooperation, the billion has hundreds of blocks of advertising module design, can meet the needs of different industries customers.

What is called innovation, perhaps, is something that is not new: Just like a quick love in a modern society, it takes all the middle of the process-since the two sides are most looking for the result of saving money and making money, simply, why not let things simple?

Therefore, in this sense, you can not agree with Kim You said "' Online advertising Agency (onlineadagency)" is now a new international advertising agency model. Base billion is just a lot of the artificial link, compressed into can copy the Internet program.

Of course, such ads, you can not expect it will be in the International Competition award. And it is likely that the next time, similar ads will appear in Wuxi, but changed the name of a manufacturer and commodity. However, if you can quickly help a Shanghai jiading toy products to meet the aspirations of the Nanjing audience, why not do it?

networking of small and medium sized television stations

Kim You has a peculiar shyness of the Orient, even in the story of the SpotRunner to become a Chinese version of such a dream, he did not show an excited expression. Kim You High School in Korea began to have a strong interest in Chinese society and culture. But choose to stay in Shanghai, and here to settle down, but not from his careful planning.

In May 2005, when he left Bain consulting Company (Bain&company) Shanghai Branch, he joined the Chinese network of many meters, when the Chinese and Western Hao history as the CFO of the website. However, the Japanese headquarters of more than a sudden "civil strife", 2006 that Cold Spring, three young people often drink beer in Kim You Home, discuss various possible entrepreneurial plans.

"From the current trend of industry development, many traditional industries are looking for networking." For example, the tourism industry has Ctrip, 51JOB is also my original in Bain, a colleague founded, Alibaba's story has become a household name. But the combination of the traditional advertising industry and the internet has just begun. Kim You also cited the SpotRunner example, the company's history less than 3 years, now customers have been all over the United States real estate, food chain, gem and other industries.

The story of the birth of the billion began last May: Three people enthusiastically, to the nearby Jiangsu and Zhejiang Local television and radio "lobbying", with the collaborators, they immediately set up a company in July. Last August, Billion's "replicable" ads appeared in Taicang and Nanjing. Now, the local television stations that have joined the ad League have increased to 109. Most of the Yangtze River delta, but also include some of Shandong and Fujian prefecture-level cities and counties.

"There are thousands of large and small TV stations across the country, which is a huge resource pool." I found that in the two or three-line cities in the Yangtze River delta, advertising operations have increased in recent years, but these ads focus on local big customers, such as state-owned enterprises, banks, hospitals and so on, it is difficult to find some off-site potential customers. On the other hand, some customers in the unfamiliar market, because of fear of trouble, often choose to put provincial-level television stations, gave up the possibility of better land or county local television stations. ”

The asymmetric information provides the opportunity for the billion. Kim You said that some county-level television advertising, thousands of yuan can be started, if in 10 similar counties to put ads, may have more effective reach rate.

The term "new media", which has recently been popular in the advertising industry, is simply the advertising medium that is constantly being discovered and occupied, and the result is the ubiquitous and troubling advertising in big cities. The uniqueness of the billion is that their media are still traditional, but they use the internet to unite these traditional media that were previously neglected. In the United States, SpotRunner is seen as a weapon that traditional media stations have found to be able to "retaliate" against internet companies. As we all know, the latter is eating away at the former, the U.S. paper advertising market is clearly shrinking, and YouTube, the rise of these new video sites pose a direct threat to traditional television.

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