The thunder caused by the astrillvpn client is always inexplicably crashed.

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A while ago, because I needed to check some information, I flipped down the wall and found the astrill VPN and asked for a trial account. It was really a good thing. It was fast, stable, and free of traffic restrictions, however, the price is too high and only seven days of trial service is provided. When VPN is not used, the client is shut down.

A few days ago, I occasionally used thunder to look at it, but it was always inexplicably broken down. There was no such problem, and it was fruitless to change several versions. After a crash, click the crash report. The call stack report is in asproxy. DLL error, find c: \ windows \ system32 \ asproxy. DLL, look at the properties, it was originally a VPN Client component, but I did not enable VPN .. No way, you have to uninstall it and try it. The trial has expired. Everything will be normal after uninstallation.

If other TX devices encounter a crash, you can first check the error report to find out which component caused the error.

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