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When I was in college earlier this year, the network used in school was the default education network, and there was nothing wrong with surfing the web to see the video, but it became a lot harder to play online games. As we all know, the education network of Colleges and universities, in the interface with other networks, such as Netcom, telecommunications and other networks between the effect is very poor, many of the network server game is no way to play, so we thought of the online accelerator. Well, this memory left in college, has been to the present author also on the online games accelerator impressed. We are today to experience a new accelerator-Thunder Online Games Accelerator Professional Edition, relive the campus dream!

The player wins the Magic weapon to test the Thunder net swims the Accelerator Professional Edition

Whether you are the old users of Thunder, or new users, only need an account can experience the Thunder online accelerator. New and old users directly using the account login can be 7 days free trial qualification, but it should be noted that a computer multiple accounts can only enjoy a 7-day free qualification.

Log on the Thunder online Games accelerator 7 days of Membership

Experience member to speed up the game successfully

New and old users logged in the Thunderbolt after the success of the accelerator, in the game to accelerate the acceleration of the game to add the goal, after running the system prompts accelerated success, which shows that the new and old Non-member users 7 days of free experience of success.

In fact, the 7-day free experience is a key feature of the experience, because many extranet users before using the accelerator, is not very understanding of the user's position in the use of the Thunder Online Accelerator, speed to upgrade the extent to how to achieve a degree, then through the 7-day experience, You will be able to easily sum up the acceleration effect of the accelerator.

Support Cool Game Skin

Thunder Online Games Accelerator Professional Edition, in addition to the UI interface optimization, but also on the original basis, added a simple skin settings, support Hero Alliance, Warcraft and other cool skin settings. The Thunder swims the accelerator to add these details function, more lets this specialized level network game acceleration the tool to increase the intense game color, lets the game player easily enter the state, the mood is joyful!

Game Skin Design

Replace the Hero Alliance skin

Toggle World of Warcraft Panda Human Skin

The skin of software tools is an important part of software UI interface, and it is also the first impression that software products leave to users. Gamers have a unique interest in the game, often using their computer to dress up with the game content related to the shape, such as the mouse, keyboard, host box, even monitors and so on.

In other words, many gamers like to swap PC desktops for game-related wallpapers, which of course includes everyday software, so if the Thunder online accelerator also has game-like skins that can be replaced, then I believe more gamers are willing to replace them.

Game Tools

The game in the use of network accelerator to speed up, sometimes due to local computer systems, network connections or some of the acceleration server problems, users can through the Thunderbolt Network Accelerator "game Tool" function of the acceleration of the Guardian, repair LSP, unload load virtual network card and so on to restore the network acceleration, For your acceleration to add more to the support of the force, so that the game to accelerate more powerful.

Six tools that are involved in gaming tools

The Thunder swims the accelerator to include the game tool and the repair tool two projects, each project contains three concrete tools. Obviously, the game tool is mainly for the auxiliary of the game, and the repair tool is to the accelerator or computer system to eliminate Network fault tool.

Thunder swims the accelerator acceleration Guardian

First see the Thunder Swims Accelerator acceleration Guardian tool. In the acceleration of the Guardian tool window, after analysis, the Thunder Swims Accelerator acceleration Guardian will be the current computer in the state, the list shows each to network bandwidth, memory, optimization grade classification process. Users only need to "recommend optimization" in the Click to run the "Speed optimization" button, the current computer system on the optimization of the network to complete simple.

Speed Optimization Success Tips

Toggle Game Desktop

The Thunder swims the Accelerator Professional Edition also establishes for the user "the game desktop" function. The game desktop is actually through the accelerator itself settings, to create a suitable for users to play the game environment, of course, the game desktop is one of the environment. In such an environment, players get more high-speed process processing and exemptions from other programs during the game.

network environment and Acceleration node optimization

Below to experience the Thunder Online Game Accelerator Professional Edition of the core functions, that is, online games to accelerate the function. The Thunder swims the accelerator to the net swims to accelerate, is existence a set of reasonable established flow. The key to the acceleration of online games is the network Environment and Acceleration node optimization, so our next experience is divided into these two aspects.

First, remove the pre-acceleration node logic, optimize the acceleration of the automatic selection of node logic, to provide you with the best quality node;

Accelerator to accelerate the progress of the online game show

Experience: The Thunder swims the accelerator to the game to accelerate needs to pass through four steps to complete (four steps carry on continuously), the first is to select the optimal node, the first step requires a relatively short time (the same network environment), the second is to connect the optimal line, this phase of the accelerator needs to be longer than the previous stage; The access server is about the same time as the second step, and the acceleration is finally completed.

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