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In fact, PPT color This problem, is a simple, can also be complex problems, simple is to have a sense of color is very simple, complex is to 80% of the people is very complex, and the 80% of the 80% is boys, why is the boy Color sense is poor? It's about the hormones, I'm not talking about the relationship between biology and PPT, so I don't want to expand too much, but I can give an example to show that in most cases girls are better at color matching than most boys. Girls almost every day to consider the matter of two colors: Makeup + clothing collocation, but also have to buy a magazine to study how to makeup, how to match clothes, over the days, girls than boys on the color collocation will be more sensitive?

I think the vast majority of people are not interested like me to study the basic theory of color matching, it is estimated that no one will be willing to memorize similar colors, two times color and three times color and other professional concepts and their associated content.

Since your time is so precious, I'll simplify the problem and tell you the basic principles of PPT color matching.

Today I want to simplify the complex problem of PPT color.

Did you see it? Today I use the world's top men to tell you the principle of PPT color. Today, Dior Homme and Gucci are selected for the spring and summer of 09 and the latest 09-10-year autumn and winter.

Color Matching Tips

The same color principle

Meaning: The graphics of your PPT use the same color from beginning to end, for example: red, orange, etc.

Tip: Your ppt uses a color from beginning to end

Color number: This principle of ppt, the whole PPT color generally not more than 2

Case: Blue background, white line, the integrity of the effect is very strong

Kindred principles

Meaning: The color of the PPT will use the same color color, for example: red, reddish, pink, pale pink

Tip: The color in PPT according to your PPT use occasion, choose the appropriate cool tone or warm tone to design ppt, for example: cool tone is more suitable for business style ppt, advertising type ppt comparison commonly used warm tone

Color number: This type of PPT is best not to have more than 4 colors

Case: The full set of PPT only uses 3-4 kinds of colors, integration is "gradually discoloration"-black, dark gray, gray, grayish

Contrast principle

Meaning: PPT color is mainly contrasting color, for example: The background is white, all text and graphics use black or dark gray

Tip: Contrast color is not necessarily a graphic and background, in fact, text and text can also be compared, for example: the above line of words with black, the following line of words with red

Chromatic number: This kind of ppt whole color quantity as far as possible not more than 3 kinds

Case: A full set of PPT to black for the background, graphic color for bright blue, and the background formation of strong differences, text only use bright yellow and white, but also with the formation of strong differences in background, the typical heavy contrast principle of users

I believe that the design is interlinked, I believe that a good fashion designer will become a good PPT designer, and vice versa, because cross the line is only the domain knowledge, this kind of industry know-how is can study the short term, but the design of thinking is long-term exercise formed, so, from now on, You can gradually develop the sensitivity to color.

If you are a boy, I suggest you can accompany your girlfriend or wife more to stroll the street, on the one hand cultivate feelings, on the one hand can also cultivate the same aesthetic sense, why not?

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