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Today, reload the system reload the project found some problems, when configuring Tomcat found some of the previous methods somewhat inappropriate, so this correction is primarily the second step.

1. Double-click your Tomcat server in the Eclipse servers panel

2. Eject the following interface, follow this setting:

Publishing here must choose Never Publish automatically never publish items automatically

Server Locations To modify deploy path after selecting the second option

Refer to the following:

1.ECLIPSE the bottom of the Server tab (that is, the row of tabs out of the console), double-click the TOMCAT7 server, of course, if you already have a new one.
2. There is a serverlocations setting in the overview page of the pop-up server. There are 3 radio options. The default is the first Use workspace metadata (does notmodify Tomcat installation)
Here re-election second use Tomcat installation (take control of Tomcatinstallation)
After the re-election you will see that the following serverpath becomes the address of the TOMCAT7 folder you chose when you configured TOMCAT7 (that is, tomcat_home).
And then set the deploy path to be tomcat_home/webapps.
Note: When you do this step, the items that are deployed on the TOMCAT7 are all remove and then started, and serverlocations can be configured.
3. Save the configuration and restart Tomcat.

3. Click on the lower left corner of the modules, the Webmodules page appears

4. Select your item, then click Edit, Pop-up dialog box, uncheck the auto reloading enabled cancel reload. So the basic setup is complete.

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