The Traditional VPN technology is no longer competent for the mobile Internet, vpn mobile Internet

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The Traditional VPN technology is no longer competent for the mobile Internet, vpn mobile Internet
With the rapid increase of network bandwidth and the gradual reduction of access fees, more and more videos will be transmitted on the Internet instead of text. The video performance is direct, while the text is abstract, video Production is convenient and fast, while text is complex and slow. You can use a camera to take a small video for 10 seconds and share it with your friends, it would be difficult to express the same information in words, and it would not be easy for anyone to read it.
Like the text-and image-based era, videos also require security protection and all kinds of VPN technologies are undoubtedly used. On the other hand, as more and more access points exist, mobile access will become a trend, just as oil can move machines, lithium batteries, flash drives, and Access Points can also move computers. This brings a new era, the mobile Internet era. So how can we solve the problem of video encryption? In other words, where should the encryption point be? Where is the decryption point?
Taking the traditional IPSec VPN as an example, it does not perceive the application. It encrypts IP packets. On the IP layer, there is neither a connection nor a timestamp, and even an IP packet is a block. IPSec VPN is not suitable for Video Encryption. The technology of Video Encryption must be the most familiar with the video protocol. It can achieve the best video transmission effect and the highest efficiency. Encryption should be placed in the video encoding, and then compressed. Encryption should be the last level that the video data can be perceived. After this level, the video data cannot be identified, can you imagine that video and text are transmitted in the same way? Of course, there is also a way to establish a complex QoS policy using a traffic engineering solution. The advantage of this solution is that it can facilitate centralized control, but this is not related to encryption, this is another category. Correspondingly, the decryption must be performed before the video is decompressed and decoded.
It is best to use an encryption mechanism for complex and numerous application protocols, rather than relying on the outside. The same is true for both IPSec VPN (including OpenVPN) and SSLVPN. The SSL protocol only establishes an encryption channel, and the data is encapsulated by the record protocol. It does not have the ability to perceive videos. Compared with the IP layer encryption technology, the SSL protocol only improves the layer, maintains a state machine that is not suitable for video encryption.
There are also some reasons, including the increasing number of P2P applications, so the degree of dependence on the central server will be reduced, and there is no need to encrypt/decrypt data in the same fixed place, traditional gateway VPN devices and mobile terminals are separated and generally fixed. However, mobile features require further integration of functions. If two people send and receive data in P2P mode, the best way is not to involve a third party. Although control and audit may not be used, the future is truly a world of deconstruct and control.

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