The transition dynamic effect of lily window switch by photoshop GIF animation tutorial

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Then this tutorial needs to thank @ Horse Monkey Soju Madok because I did not want to use PS to do these animations.

The method I use is a layer mask. Photoshop Tutorial Material:

This post applies to the "boutique", and hope that the Lord can help delete the building. First merge the two pictures into the picture

Copy "Sebastian" and create a new transparent layer.

Hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and click the selection layer

Back to the "Sebastian" layer, click on the "DELETE" button on the keyboard

Go back to the "Sebastian copy" layer. Press once "Ctrl+shift+i"

and press the "DELETE" key on the keyboard

Press "Ctrl+shift+i" on the keyboard and click on the Mask button

Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and click the selection layer.

Press "Ctrl+shift+i" once and go back to the "Sebastian" layer

Click on the "Mask button"

Because of this method I also thought of yesterday, so the tutorial out of the relatively slow into the animation editing, different versions into the animation of different ways, I used the 8.0.1 version of the PS

Copy a Frame

Click on the two "chain icon" to remove it

Open all eyes except the selection layer (easy to observe), move the two masks to the right until the background layer is completely displayed

Back to the first frame, open the eyes before all layers except the selection layer

Last selected two frame animation for "Transition Command"

This completes half of the tutorial, the effect of doing it and I have a gap in the effect of the picture.

The second half of the tutorial and the previous tutorial is the same, the picture is only from the child transition to adults.

To give you a PSD file, you can not understand the details of the place it

    • PS Getting Started Tutorial
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