The TreeView control the JS control is all selected or canceled

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  This article is mainly on the JS control of the TreeView control Select or cancel the sample code is introduced, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you.

The code is as follows: <script language= "JavaScript" >   /*    function Name: Checknode (CurrentNode), ParentNode ( CurrentNode), Childnode (currentnode)      function function: To implement the TreeView with CheckBox    1, select parent node its child nodes are all selected    2, the selection of all the child nodes, the choice of the parent node will also be canceled      use method: 1, add Checknode in <head></head> Center ( CurrentNode), ParentNode (CurrentNode), Childnode (CurrentNode)      2, *.aspx.cs in Page_Load () Add YourTreeView.Attribute.Add to the event ("Oncheck", "Checknode (Yourtreeview.gettreenode (yourtreeview.clickednodeindex))" )     /      //recursive traverse all sub nodes      function   Checknode (CurrentNode)      {     var   childnode=new   Array ();      var   PARENTN Odechild=new   Array ();      var   ischecked;      Childnode=currentnode.getchildren ();      if (currentnode.getattribute (' checked '))      {     Ischecked=true;     }      Else      {     ischecked=false    &NB Sp }     //parent node processing      if (currentnode.getparent ()!=null)      {   &N Bsp Check processing      if (Currentnode.getattribute (' Checked '))      {     parentnode (CurrentNode);     }      Else     //uncheck the      {     CHILDN Ode (CurrentNode);     }     }      Else      {    //Nothing done &NB sp;   }     //Sub-node processing      if (childnode.length>0)      { & nbsp   for (var   i=0;i<childnode.length;i++)      {     Childnode.setattribute (" Checked ", ischecked);      if (Childnode.getchildren (). Length>0)      {     checknode (childnode);     }     } &N bsp;   }       }     //Recursive selected parent node      function   PARENTN Ode (CurrentNode)      {     if (currentnode.getparent ()!=null)      {      Currentnode.getparent (). setattribute (' Checked ', true);     //Recursive call ParentNode (CurrentNode) to traverse the parent node of the upper level      ParentNode (Currentnode.getparent () );     }     }     //recursive uncheck parent node      function   Childnode ( CurrentNode)      {     if (currentnode.getparent ()!=null)      { & nbsp   var   checkedcount=0;      var   childnode=currentnode.getparent (). GetChildren ();      for   (var   i=0;i<childnode.length;i++)    &NBsp {     if (Childnode.getattribute (' Checked '))      {     checkedcount++; & nbsp;   }     }      if (checkedcount==0)      {   &nbs P Currentnode.getparent (). setattribute (' Checked ', false);     }     //Recursive call Childnode (CurrentNode) to traverse a higher level of the parent node      Childnode ( Currentnode.getparent ());     }     }      </script>     JS recursively traverse all child nodes of a node in the TreeView Copy code code as follows:  var   allrootnode=new   Array ();        Allrootnode=treeview1.getchildren ();        Alertnode (Allrootnode);                function   Alertnode (nodearray)        {& nbsp;        if (parseint (nodearray.length) ==0)            return;      &NBSp   Else          {           for (i=0;i<nodearray.length;i++ )            {             var   cnode  &nbsp ;           Cnode=nodearray;              alert (Cnode.getattribute ("Text"));              if (parseint (Cnode.getchildren (). Length)!=0)        & nbsp       Alertnode (Cnode.getchildren ());                    {        }    &N Bsp  }    
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