The two methods of everything are objects. js, no function signature (no polymorphism), prototype, closure, encapsulation, reference type, inheritance ......, Js

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The two methods of everything are objects. js, no function signature (no polymorphism), prototype, closure, encapsulation, reference type, inheritance ......, Js

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Javascript Closure

It is rarely explained here, even though it is not explained clearly.
To learn more, go to the programming forum. Websites go to websites with high popularity.

What is the closure in JavaScript?

1. What is a closure?

JavaScript example:

Function GISMapPanel (){
This. mapPanel = document. getElementById ("mapDiv ");
This. width;
This. height;

This. showMap = function (){
Alert (this. mapPanel); // tip: [object]
This. mapPanel. onmousedown = this. mouseDownEventProcess ();

This. mouseDownEventProcess = function (){
Var _ this = this;
Return function (){
Alert (this. mapPanel); // tip: undefined, why;
_This. width = 400;
_ This. height = 300;
// Other codes

The simple explanation of the closure is that ECMAScript allows inner functions (nested functions): functions can be defined in another function. These internal functions can access the local variables, parameters, and other internal functions of the outer function (parent function. When an internal function is constructed and can be obtained outside the function (the function is treated as the return value), this internal function is executed after the outer function returns (outside the outer function ), that closure is formed.

Closure features: A. As A reference to A function variable, when A function is returned, it is in the active state. B. When A function is returned, A closure, A stack zone without resources released.

2. Closure metaphor

Function is like a house (also a house) in a house. It can be rented to a, and a is the owner of the function. It can also be rented to B, party B becomes the owner of the function Room (this). Party A takes everything from Party A and Party B does not use anything of Party. If Party A is the owner of the house (outer function) and rents a function of a certain room to Party B, Party B has everything in the room, B can also use a's bathroom and living room (the outer function variable, such as _ this ). The closure variable is the internal variable of the Outer House, including the function, toilet, and living room ). Similar to the JavaScript closure, the room can be one, two, and multiple bureaus. Of course, the first round is generally better for rent, and the JavaScript closure is generally one.

3. Closure

The success and popularity of object-oriented programming make it possible for languages that do not support object-oriented programming to lean in this direction. For example, the C language can simulate object-oriented programming through struct and function pointers, in order to achieve object-oriented encapsulation and polymorphism, JavaScript achieves encapsulation through object-based compilation. As shown in the preceding example, the event processing code, related attributes, and related methods related to the map (div) are concentrated in the GISMapPanel object. However, because the entity where the event occurs is the div object corresponding to the map, the house is occupied by the div object when the event function is called, that is, this is the div element, so alert (this. mapPanel); // tip: undefined. The div element has no mapPanel attribute. If you want to access the attributes in the original GISMapPanel object, you need to treat the GISMapPanel object as a living room, as shown in the example, so that you can ...... remaining full text>

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