The type of image in MATLAB

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the type of image in Matlab1. RGB image

RGB image is also known as the true color image, it is the use of R, G, b three components to identify a pixel color, r, G, b respectively represents red, green, blue 3 different colors, through the three primary colors can be synthesized out of any color.

So for a color image of dimension nxm, in MATLAB, a nxmx3 array of multidimensional data is stored, where the elements in the array define the red and green of each pixel in the image. Blue color value.


RGB images do not use a palette, and the color of each pixel is determined by the combination of red, green, and blue color components stored in the corresponding location.

Red, green, blue components occupy 8 bits, so the image can theoretically have 2^24= 16 777 216 colors, because this color accuracy can reproduce the image has true color, it is called RGB image is true color image.


2. Binary Images

  Each pixel will take one of two discrete values (0 or 1), and two values represent the state "on" or "off", respectively.

Binary images are stored using an array class of UNIT8 or double-precision types.




3. Grayscale Image

Grayscale images are usually described by an array of unit8, unit16, or double-precision types, which is essentially a data matrix.

The data in the matrix represents 0-255 gray level, 0 for black, and 255 for white.


4. Indexed Images

An indexed image is an image that takes a pixel value directly as a subscript in the RGB palette.



5. Multi-Frame images

Multi-frame image is a multi-image or frame image file, also known as multi-page image or image sequence, it is mainly used for the time or set of scenes to operate, such as magnetic resonance image slices or movie frames.


Each individual image becomes a frame. If an array contains multiple frames, then these images are associated in four dimensions.

In a multi-frame image array, each image must have the same size and color component.

In a multi-frame image, each image also uses the same palette.


The type of image in MATLAB

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