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First of all, I apologize to everyone. I have lost my words. I have already paid for free items with CSDN.
It's okay to say that I'm fake or that I'm hypocritical. There's no way to do it. The 5.12 earthquake left my home house in ruins. The country's subsidy is only 19 thousand, and we have to build a house to send it to us, because most of the houses of relatives and friends in my hometown have collapsed or become dangerous, and everyone needs money, I can only extend my hand to everyone's pockets.

For all my friends who help me, I will try my best to keep you from paying for anything. Of course, learning is a matter of two kinds.
For my friends who have microwords about this practice, what I want to say is that Tian hongchuan has always asked his conscience and never asked questions about heaven and earth.

At the end of this article is a demonstration of the final course. If you are interested, you can check it. Please note that the FALSH video below is automatically played, if you are in the office, pull to the bottom and pause the video.
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Thank you for helping me and helping me !!! If the house is built, I will continue to do my best.

=======================================Below are some of the tutorials in this series ================================
Hello everyone, I'm Tian hongchuan. I 'd like to share with you some of the features of this course.
1. Humor, hey, I try to fill in some humorous things.
2. In combination with the problems encountered in Entity teaching, we often remind you to pause the video for your own consideration or practice;
3. in this series of tutorials, your mind is basically not lazy, because there are often questions we deliberately leave behind in the tutorials, and some can find answers at this level, however, some questions may be answered at the next or next level.
4. Try to link knowledge closer.
5. It is entirely because the video is recorded together with the code. I don't know if it can be called "Manual.
6. We divide the entire knowledge system into three parts vertically. I will only talk about one of the most representative parts and ask you to make the remaining two parts;
7. There is an assignment that requires you to complete the assignment step by step based on our explanation and submit it to me for review;
8. in the middle, we try to be close to the reality. Data Modeling uses PowerDesigner 12, vs2005 also installs the SP1 Patch and Visual Assist X plug-in, and the database uses SQL2005, which is the same as SQL Assistant, the Interface Design Department works well with DW, And the AspNetPager7.02 is directly used for paging. The online editor uses FCKeditor_2.6, and everything is the latest and most popular configuration ..., We strive to achieve the goal of many students who can watch videos and complete their projects.
9. another major feature of this series is that it combines the greatest gains I have gained in practical teaching, which is the combination of inspiration and teaching. At the end of each episode, there is a famous inspirational saying that I have learned, learned, and even are trying to practice.

Pay attention to the following points during the learning process:
1. if you learn a knowledge point, you will try to extend all relevant possibilities. But remember, if you find that the problem is due to limited learning and the gap is very large, please stop immediately, continue to learn the things behind this series. Do not deviate too far. This will hurt your confidence.
2. When a knowledge point in the tutorial is completed, pause the video and follow your own understanding to do it quickly.
3. although the Code materials for each lesson are provided, I hope that you will not view my code at the beginning. Please follow me, instead of looking at my code and listening to my explanation, that will make you half the effort.
4. if you encounter an error, do not ask me unless you have to. Of course, do not bother others, because you need to know that troubleshooting and problem solving capabilities are also one of your greatest future costs. Otherwise, even if you get a doctorate, you will not be able to solve problems and get used to it. So do you have to force yourself to die? Of course not. You must learn to search for answers online. The most important thing is that you must learn to use dynamic help, that is, MSDN. If the problem persists, ask for help.
5. we always have time to answer questions online, but remember that I will not tell you the answer to any questions directly. What you get is just a thought, it is even a curse (for people I think are worth cultivating, I never mean to anger you ).
6. In the face of problems, remember that I am always willing to help you, so don't give up, don't be discouraged.
7. Face the score, just be proud of it. Otherwise, be careful when I approve it for nothing.
8. Finish your homework on time.

Teaching objectives of this course:

1. Students can write simple WEB programs;
2. master the skills of C # compiling WEB applications;
3. Be able to write data access layers correctly and understand their skills;
4. Understand the idea of compiling N-layer architecture programs;

This course is suitable:

1. Have some experience in WEB programming;
2. Familiar with the VS2005 programming environment;
3. Ensure the learning time of 25-50 hours;
4. Familiar with database knowledge;
5. c # programming Basics;
6. have basic knowledge of accessing the database through ADO. NET;

After completing this course, you will be able --
Provides a comprehensive dual-layer (frontend and backend mode) Message book. The function of this message book is as follows:
1. You can leave a message;
2. You can reply to the message;
3. The most important thing is that the Message Base is implemented in three layers.
4. Multiple users can reply multiple times;
5. View, delete, and reply messages directly in the background;
6. Security: HTML encoding and single quotation mark filtering are used for all inputs;

Course outline:

Lecture 1: Database Modeling
A) learn to use PowerDesigner Trial 12 to create abstract data models
B) learn to use PowerDesigner Trial 12 to create a physical data model
C) familiar with SQL Server 2005 and import the physical data model
D) Create a database
E) learn to write database documents

Lecture 2: Compile the common data category
A) understand how to layer;
B) understand the significance and role of the data access layer;
C) understand every method, parameter, and so on;
D) independently compile your own class.

Lecture 3: compiling the entity layer and SHAP data access layer
A) based on our explanation, master the compilation of the entity layer;
B) understand the role, position, and usage of the entity layer in the entire architecture;
C) understand the role of the data access layer;
D) It can be implemented in combination with the existing three layers;

Lecture 4: Write a data access layer
A) can fully understand the classes we should do in the data access layer, which are at least those that are special objects and especially needed.

Lecture 5: Compile the business logic layer
A) be able to fully understand the role, position, and relationship of the business logic layer in the entire architecture;
B) determine the approximate framework of the business logic layer based on the previous learned things and personal experience;
C) can write all the methods of the object, pay attention to heavy load

Lecture 6: Compile the master page message page
A) flexible application of various methods in the business logic class
B) accurately understand the requirement implementation page creation

Lecture 7: Compile a list to view the reply page
A) familiar with DataList controls and paging usage
B) strengthen the use of controls, mainly Data Binding skills and control set
C) strengthen database access

Lecture 8: background framework, login, and Message Management page
A) make necessary changes to the data layer for Data Display
B) Advanced operations on the Gridview
C. Enhance the knowledge of interface layout and function settings.

Lecture 9: Implementing user management and publishing procedures
A) learn about the file location issues on the master page.
B) learning control events (loading custom events)
C) several ways to publish a program

This course includes nine lectures. We recommend that you study for at least 20 hours.

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