The Ubuntu derivative version is recommended.

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The large number of Linux versions has made many users feel deeply involved in open-source systems. As the most widely used Ubuntu System in Linux, there are a variety of quite good derivative versions. Today, we recommend several customized Ubuntu derivative versions!

Linux is a free and open-source desktop operating system and the third most popular system in the world. However, unlike OS X and Microsoft Windows, there are many Linux versions. In terms of Linux, the version is represented by distros. These different versions of Linux are all called Linux.

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Debian-based Ubuntu is undoubtedly the most popular Linux version. However, according to distrowatch data, Ubuntu is more popular than Debian, while Ubuntu-based Linux mint is more popular than ubuntu. This is really interesting!

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In fact, Linux mint is only a version based on the Ubuntu system, and whether it is truly a more popular system than Ubuntu is worth discussing. However, many developers in the community use the Ubuntu code (while the Ubuntu code is from Debian c0de .), Add new features through custom features. These Ubuntu-based Linux versions provide a new user experience for different applications. This is the so-called Ubuntu-based Linux version.

Therefore, Ubuntu is a very good desktop system. But it may not be the system you need. Next, let's talk about other Linux versions worth your consideration.

Backbox Linux

The backbox system is designed for network penetration testing and Security backbox Linux Desktop [1] full evaluation. Among the many Ubuntu-based versions, this system is getting more and more attention! Currently, the latest version of this system is backbox Linux 3.

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The latest version uses the 3.2 Linux kernel + customized xfce 4.8 desktop environment. Most importantly, this version is pre-installed with many system evaluation tools. This project was initially initiated by Raffaele forte. It took about three years to reach such a high level, which is truly impressive.

Well-known system vulnerability assessment tools and hacking tools are pre-installed in the system, including Wireshark, xhydra, ophcrack, and w3af.

Like many other versions of ubuntu, this system can be started through a CD or USB flash drive, or permanently installed on a computer. Thanks to Ubuntu's comprehensiveness, The backbox contains desktop applications, such as multimedia software, email clients, Web browsers, and document editors. This system can be used as a daily work system. Of course, the vulnerability analysis and various hacker tools contained in this system are definitely the favorites of those just hackers!

Bio Linux

Whether it's a desktop system, workstation, or supercomputer, the scientific community's support for open-source Linux systems is powerful.

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Bio Linux 7 is a system that is applied to workstations for data analysis. Anyone in the global village can use the data.

Specifically, bio Linux 7 is a platform specially built for bioinformatics to study and analyze genetic and other professional knowledge. The latest version of bio linux7 is based on Ubuntu 12.04lts, ensuring system stability.

In addition to the built-in application software of ubuntu 12.04, bio Linux 7 also comes pre-installed with many bioinformatics professional programs. These procedures include databases used to store DNA and RNA sequences and related analysis tools. It also includes tools such as drug development and software development.

Bio Linux is a system jointly maintained by nebc and the community. This open-source system has become a platform used by biological information researchers around the world and can be freely shared and used.


Pinguyos is a Ubuntu-based derivative version developed by I Norman. This system is mainly used by linxu, which is easy to use in both interface and software functions. Therefore, this is a very recommended entry-level Linux version.

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The latest version of pinguyos 12.04 final is based on Ubuntu 12.04lts. Use the king of the mongout kernel. This system uses a customized gnome 3.4.1 desktop environment. The system is also pre-installed with powerful application software.

In addition to common browsers and e-mail clients, the system also comes with preinstalled Skype and IRC instant software. The download tool is deluge and supports remote desktop. For Multimedia, this system is pre-installed with powerful software such as Clementine, VLC, xbmc, and PS3 Media Server.

Gaming users don't have to worry about it. This system is pre-installed with wine and playonlinux. Other general office software programs included in Ubuntu 12.04 include. It is no exaggeration to say that what users can do in Mac OS x or Windows is okay in pinguy OS.

Pinguyos has two docker containers installed by default. It is also regarded as the best clone of Mac OS X's dock. On the Right of the screen, there is a conky resource monitor that displays CPU, hard disk, memory, and network usage charts in real time.

Docky and application icons are familiar to Mac OS X users. Windows users must have a good impression on similar start menus.

However, according to the related evaluation, this pingu yos has higher requirements on the system than other Ubuntu-derived versions, but it is extremely easy to use and beautiful interface. for users who just used Linux, this system is definitely recommended!

Poseidon Linux

Poseidon Linux is a system for academic and scientific research applications. It is a system developed jointly by several scientists and researchers. Among them, Christian Dos Santos Ferreira is the principal owner of the system.

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Poseidon Linux uses the default Portuguese user interface, but has a translated English version. Although this system was originally a legacy version of kurumin Linux, Poseidon is now a derivative version of ubuntu.

The latest version of this system is Poseidon Linux 4, which is based on Ubuntu 10.04lts. Although the version of 10.04lts is very old, Poseidon Linux is well supported. Developers of this version said that the goal of Poseidon is to provide a stable and easy-to-use Linux system. Its main user base is mainly for students, school authorities, libraries, researchers, etc.

Poseidon may not use the latest kernel or add the latest features, but stability is the best guarantee for this system. Therefore, this system will not be easily upgraded to the latest version unless it is necessary to upgrade.

New users will find that Poseidon uses the gnome 2.30.2 user interface, and the desktop uses a concise blue topic. In addition to the office software, Media Player software, and editing software configured for the Ubuntu system, the biggest secret weapon of the system was the pre-installed scientific applications. These specialized software covers a wide range of fields, including bioinformatics, chemistry, CAD, geostatistics, mathematics, physics and programming software. Some well-known software are as follows: Eclipse, GCC, gperiodic, lyx, openuniverse, PostgreSQL, Python, qcad, and tree puzzle.

In short, Poseidon Linux may not be the latest and most gorgeous system, but this system is perfect for users pursuing scientific truth.


For many users, computers are just audio and video entertainment centers. Of course, good computer configuration, if there is no corresponding software, so a lot of audio and video media will not appear in front of you. The xbmcbutu system is definitely a system suitable for multimedia enthusiasts.

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This system can play music and videos in various formats and support various image formats. It can also be used as a TV PVR. At the same time, this system also supports third-party applications and plug-ins!

The latest version of this system is xbmcbuntu 12, which was released a few weeks ago. This system is based on lubuntu 12.04lts. This system can use the xbmc 10-foot user interface to organize and manage users' media files.

As a free multimedia center, xbmc has been around for a long time. Known as xbmc live, xbmcbuntu is an easy-to-use system. The xbmc User Interface starts in full screen mode. To view and play files, you need to install additional software at the root. You can install this system on your computer to set up a multimedia center or implement the PVR personal video function. In addition, this system can also act as an alternative to the set-top box.

The interface of this system is very simple and easy to use. It can be easily operated by using a remote control or a mouse. For those cinema users, this system is indeed worth a try.


Open-source Ubuntu is a popular and mature operating system. Other Derivative versions based on the Ubuntu system are even more numerous. The five derivative versions listed above should be the five most distinctive ones. If you are a Debian or Ubuntu enthusiast and have special requirements on some aspects of the system, try these derivative versions with special features! Maybe you will like them.

The Ubuntu derivative version is recommended.

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